The Goodness of Healthy Detox With Acai Berry Cleanse

Rutuja Jathar Apr 19, 2019
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The acai berry has emerged as a super-fruit that doctors and celebrities swear by, not only for its weight loss benefits, but also for its other benefits to general health and well-being. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about the acai berry cleanse.
Since the discovery of this super-fruit, acai berries have always been a topic of discussion. Acai berries are the fruits of acai palms that are native to South and Central America.
These wonder berries are loaded with precious antioxidants, along with vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary fibers, and several essential fatty acids like omega-3, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, beta-sitosterol, anthocyanins, etc.
Along with the popular concept of acai juice for weight loss, acai berry supplements are also used as detoxification products as they help clear out the digestive tract and aid colon cleansing. The acai berry cleanse involves consuming acai berries, or juice / supplements of the berries, while following a light and healthy diet.

The Power of Acai Berries

Since acai berries are rich with antioxidants and dietary fibers, they assist the process of natural detoxification of the body. Acai berry supplements help eliminate impurities in the body by cleansing important organs that aid healthy function, such as the liver, colon, kidneys, skin, and lungs.
This is the reason why acai cleanse is preferred by people who wish to go on a detox diet. It removes undigested food, impacted fecal matter and body toxins that are responsible for several medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, lack of energy, lethargy, bloating, and obesity.
Since the berries stimulate the rate of metabolism, they substantially aid the process of weight loss. Do remember that the acai berry cleanse only aids weight loss, it does not cause it.
You must follow a healthy diet and exercise well to be able to see positive results. The consumption of acai berries also help eliminate free radicals that are responsible for the development of fatal diseases like cancer.

Cleansing the Body with Acai Berries

The nature of acai berry diet depends on the individual following it. You can consume raw acai juice or fresh berries or supplements. Mostly, people like to use the berries in their recipes like granola bars, low fat yogurts and smoothies.
Finding a regular fresh berries can be a real problem for those who want to reap the benefits of detoxification of the body brought by these berries. Not everyone can find fresh berries and so, most of them prefer using ready-made acai juice products. While on the acai juice diet, you need to refrain from fatty foods, junk foods, sugar, and carbohydrates.
For detoxification, the total food intake should consist of 25% to 40% of acai berries. This diet should be followed for about 5 to 7 days. Acai berry detox is appreciated by many dieters since it does not involve replacing your regular meals with only juice/fruits. Rather, you are asked to combine acai juice/berries with a relatively healthier diet.
Remember to note changes in how you feel overall after you have started taking acai berries. Because of its high fiber content, a case of diarrhea is likely. This probably means that you have been consuming too much of the product, and that you need to cut it down.
Avoid having baked foods, fried foods and junk food in general. Replace your regular diet with a diet rich in healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables while your body is being cleansed and you will find yourself feeling healthier and energetic in a matter of days.

What Do the Reviews Say

Is the acai cleanse scam a fact? Well, as said earlier, acai cleanse sounds safe, but it is interesting to see whether the cleanse reviews back this belief. The reviews reveal both, positive and negative sides of this diet. Acai berries consist of antioxidants which help increase the metabolic rate. They also reduce the feeling of lethargy and fatigue.
However, there are a few scams that can deceive you and sell you fake or substandard acai berry products. Unusually high prices are among the most common aspects of these scams. It is also important to remember that there is no scientific backing to some of the exaggerated claims for it being the best anti-aging diet.
Lastly, always make sure that you buy acai products from stores and never online. If you must buy it online, ensure that you purchase it from a credible website and not just any random website you come across.

Side Effects of Acai Cleanse

Although there are many benefits of cleansing the body with acai berries, the adverse effects of this cleanse cannot be ignored. Most of these side effects are moderate in nature, and they are mostly experienced after using fake or low quality acai berry products.
The acai cleanse side effects include nausea, headache, vomiting, and mild to severe diarrhea. People who are allergic to pollens and berries may show side effects such as hives, swelling, difficulty while breathing, dizziness, and fatigue. Remember that the possibility as well as the severity of these side effects will vary from person and person.
A few things that you can do to safeguard yourself from these side effects are, to consume the berries in moderation and always purchase a well-known brand, rather than a local brand. You should also definitely consult with your health care provider about the pros and cons of acai cleanse on your body, prior to following it.
If you are aiming for a colon cleanse and are allergic to acai berries, you can consider several other detox options that are safer for you. Eat healthy and stay fit!
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of a medical expert.
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