Acai Cleanse Reviews: Do They Work?

Leena Palande Nov 8, 2018
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How does an acai cleanse work? Will it work for me? If these are the questions swirling in your mind, here is an information on what do acai cleanse reviews reflect.
There are hundreds of body cleansing products available in the market and it is quite difficult to choose the best one. Acai cleanse, made from acai berries is one of those popular products. These berries were described as world's number one superfood on television shows hosted by Oprah and Rachael Ray.
Owing to the exclusive nutritional value of the berries and the health benefits that they offer, acai products have gained immense popularity worldwide.

What Do Acai Cleanse Reviews Say

Most reviews accept that acai cleanse helps in
  • Losing weight naturally and quickly
  • Burning excess fat and calories
  • Flushing out built-up waste and toxins
  • Reducing constipation, bloating, gas
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Increasing the rate of metabolism for sustained weight loss
You must have heard about the acai berry scams like charging a much higher price for a low quality product, and some hidden terms and conditions associated with the purchase of acai cleanse and other acai products. Those who are victims of these scams obviously speak against acai berry products.
Some side effects have also been reported by the customers.
  • As the berries contain a high amount of fiber, excessive consumption may cause diarrhea.
  • People with pollen allergy or those who are hypersensitive to this fruit may suffer from some health problems after using acai cleanse.
  • Some people may experienced nausea.
  • Some may experience headache.
It was observed that people usually experience such side effects when they use cheaper products. Consumption of fake products (which usually contain some impurities) can result in a number of side effects.
Therefore, you should always look for an authentic product. It is suggested that those who are interested in acai berry cleanse, should always purchase the organic products, especially those certified as kosher. It is better to pick acai juice packed in glass bottles. Only pure products can help lower the amount of poisons flowing through bloodstream.
The unbiased reviews make it clear that there is no scientific backing for the claims like 'acai berry can slow down the process of aging'. NEVER resort to the online fake 'free trial' ads. As you now know about acai cleanse scams, you should be careful while purchasing acai berry products through Internet.
Certain reviews suggest that you should consult your physician before opting for an acai cleanse. You should purchase genuine products only from reputed manufacturers and consume the berries in appropriate amount. It is better to buy acai berry products that do not contain sugar and preservatives. You should follow the instructions on the pack religiously.

Health Benefits of Acai Cleanse

  • Acai cleanse is extremely helpful in improving your digestive health. It removes wastes and toxins accumulated in various parts of your body, including the digestive tract.
  • Acai berries are one of those fruits which contain powerful antioxidants, anthocyanins and flavonoids that help fight free radicals and prevent diseases like cancer.
  • The detoxifying and cleansing properties of acai berries are unbeatable.
  • They are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals which help lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.
  • These berries also promote mental health and sexual function as they help improve blood circulation.
  • They are extremely useful in strengthening the immune system.
  • With acai berry detox, you can easily get rid of undigested food material, impacted fecal matter and other toxins from the intestines. Detoxification brings about elimination of accumulated toxins and unwanted substances.
  • Liver, kidneys, skin, intestine and lungs can be cleansed with such detoxifying agents. Fiber and the phytosterols present in the berries facilitate the cleansing process.
  • Detoxification improves absorption of essential nutrients by the digestive tract. This in turn it enhances the process of metabolism and helps boost energy levels.
  • Faster the metabolism, faster are the calories burned. Thus, acai cleanse eventually leads to healthy weight loss. It relieves stomach problems like gas, bloating and constipation.
Acai berry diet is considered as a detox diet, in which the amount of acai berries consumed is gradually increased. You are supposed to substitute substantial amounts of berries for some foods in your diet. You should follow the diet for about 5-7 days.
When on diet, you should avoid processed food, junk food, sugar, harmful fats and excess carbohydrates. A diet composed of 25% to 40% acai berries helps cleanse your body. But you should consult your doctor before opting for any detox diet. If it is difficult to get fresh berries, you may take acai juice or supplements.