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The Best Guide to Alcohol-free Beer No One Gave You Before

Avanika Mote Jun 6, 2019
There is nothing like the alcohol-free beer for beer lovers who are trying to quit binge drinking. Here's your guide to the alcohol-free or non alcoholic beer, it sure is a wonder for beer lovers!
Beer is an indispensable part for any occasion, be it a birthday, a party or just having a lazy evening. There is a certain percentage of alcohol in the beer. There is also a type of beer, which is called alcohol-free beer and is significantly consumed. Though named alcohol-free, this beer contains 0.5 percent of alcohol.
Alcohol-free beer is a boon for all the beer lovers since it is alcohol-free and is purely harmless to your body except for a few calories. People have not yet accepted this beer on a wide scale as, it has been observed that people across the world hold two extreme opinions about alcohol-free beer.

What is Alcohol-free Beer?

Non alcoholic beer was found during the dates of prohibition (1919 - 1933) when a product called near beer was created in order to quench the beer thirst of the American beer lovers.
The demand of this near beer declined sharply in the following years but it revived again during 1990s because of the higher awareness of alcoholism and drunk driving. In simple words, the term "near beer" is nothing but a type of regular beer from which the alcohol content is removed thoroughly using the process of distillation.
Basically, the terms like alcohol-free and non alcoholic given to near beers are wrong since these beers do contain a very small content, which usually is around 0.5 percent or even lesser, according to the law in most of the countries.
Generally according to the laws in various countries, the percentage of alcohol in alcohol-free beer is usually less than 0.5 percent or even less - that amount of alcohol is also found in many processed foods, canned foods and fruit juices.
Since the alcohol percentage is as low as 0.5% in non alcoholic beer, consuming it during pregnancy is generally considered to be safe. This beer is safe for the patients of certain diseases related to kidney or liver and who are under certain medication. Almost all the non-alcoholic beers are lager beers and the best of those are made in Germany.

Pros of Non-alcoholic Beer

Many beer lovers get outraged even at the thought of drinking non alcoholic beer. The kinder category of them say, alcohol-free beer has a water-like, flat and soapy taste! But the fact remains, that alcohol-free beer is actually harmless! The best positive point of choosing a pint of this beer is that it is alcohol-free!
Recent studies show that alcohol-free beer helps avoid cancer, decreases thrombin and has the same cardiovascular benefits as traditional beer. Besides, non alcoholic beer has nutrients like vitamins, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and is low in calories as compared to regular beer.
What's more to it? Well, you don't need an age proof to drink non alcoholic beer. It tops the list of advantages! With alcohol-free beer, you CAN drink and drive! If you are a female beer lover, you can have this beer during your pregnancy. And binge drinking will never give you hangovers the next day and neither does it gets addictive!

Best Alcohol-free Beers in the World

Beck's Alkoholfrei, tops the list of best alcohol-free beers in the world. It is easily available in the United States.
A similar variety called Haake Beck, having an alcohol content of 0.3% is also a great alternative for those who are looking for best alcohol-free beers. If you are worrying about the calories, this one has only 93 of those per 12 oz. bottle! Bitburger Drive is another name in the list and it is the official drink of the German National Football Team.
Clausthaler Non Alcoholic manufactures five different types of alcohol-free beers - Classic/Premium, Extra Herb (dry Pilsner), Amber (produced for the American consumers), Hefeweizen (wheat beer) and Clausthaler Lager (for U.K consumers).
Other names in the list include Erdinger Weissbier, with 0.4% alcohol and only 88 calories per 12 oz. bottle and St. Pauli Girl which is popular because of its hop-flavored taste and has many supporters!
Hopefully this is informative and convincing enough for all the beer lovers to switch to alcohol-free beer. So the next time you meet your buddies over a football match on ESPN, order the non-alcoholic beer. It's worth a pint! Cheers!