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Alkaline Foods Vs. Acidic Foods

Alkaline Foods Vs. Acidic Foods

If you aren't aware of information about alkaline foods vs. acidic foods, read into the following article to find out all about these two major categories of foods. Take a look and find out what kind of foods do you consume the most.
Aparna Jadhav
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To start with this article, first let's find out what are alkaline and acidic foods and how are they important to our body. Alkaline and acidic foods can be either those foods which contain a certain amount of acid or alkaline content, or those foods which are acid or alkaline forming foods and help maintain the pH of the body after digestion. Foods which are high in acids inhibit nerve action, whereas those foods which are rich in alkalinity stimulate nerve action inside the system.

The pH of our blood is 7.365 which is slightly towards the alkaline range as 0 to 7 gives an acidic pH and 7 to 14 an alkaline pH. Our immune system also works well under alkaline conditions but needs a slight acidic background as well. To find out what is the importance of this acid-alkaline diet, find out which are the alkaline vs. acidic foods from the coming up paragraphs.

Acidic Foods and Alkaline Foods

When you are aware of the various high alkaline foods vs. acidic foods that are available in nature, you also realize how important it is to balance both of them to maintain the natural pH of our body and blood. Our entire metabolism depends on balancing acidic and alkaline foods, because if either of them are consumed in a greater extent, there can be health problems. If the foods incorporated in the diet offer all the five basic tastes and contain the right amounts of acidity and alkalinity, the diet is called balanced diet. Mentioned below are a few foods which are presented to you in the form of alkaline foods list and a list of acidic foods. Read into these lists and find out how balanced is your diet!

Alkaline Vs. Acidic Foods
There are many reasons for striking a balance between alkaline and acidic foods. These reasons are varied and mainly related to diseases and the immune system. This balance helps with corrections like;
  • Keeping your kidneys, intestines and liver clean and in a healthy position.
  • Fighting dreaded disorders like arthritis and heart disease.
  • Defending your body from free radical cell damage.
  • Helping you acquire the minerals and vitamins which these acidic and alkaline foods provide.
  • Maintaining and increasing the mobility of your joints and muscles.
  • Your oxygen levels are increased which helps in good blood flow and fighting diseases better.
  • The balance between these two foods controls digestion problems giving regular and healthy bowel movements.
  • Your blood sugar level is regulated and maintained.
  • It also helps in maintaining your blood pressure and regulating it to high and low whenever required.
  • When the acidity in your body is high, you are suggested to consume alkaline foods so that the harmful acids are neutralized. This also acts vice versa.
Alkaline Foods
Your alkaline diet can include all kinds of vegetables as they increase the alkalinity of the body. Foods like tomatoes, avocados, bell peppers, non-sweet citrus fruits, nuts, grains and sprouted seeds are rich in alkalizing too. All these are best alkalizing when they are eaten raw as after cooking they turn acidic.

Acidic Foods
Animal foods like eggs, meat, dairy products, yeast products, grains, fermented foods, citrus fruits, sugars, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, sodas and artificial sweeteners. These acidic foods are a major requirement in case of vegetarians as they are generally low on their acidic counts. Thus it is most important to include all these foods in your basic diet to make sure your body functions properly.

With this information about alkaline foods vs. acidic foods, you also need to know that the foods mentioned above have to be in the percentage of 70 to 80 in the raw form. Also remember, your blood pH is alkaline in nature and thus, consuming more alkaline foods are always useful to improve your diet.