The Myriad Benefits of Amino Acids

Medha Godbole Nov 8, 2018
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The benefits of amino acids, needless to say, are numerous, and essential for the growth and vitality of our body. These are chemical units which make up proteins. Consequently, they are popularly called building blocks of protein.Read on to know more.
Proteins are one of the essential nutrients needed to maintain the overall health of our body. They are what provide and help in building the basic structure for all the other living beings too. From the mammoth to the microscopic bacteria, proteins are an inevitable part of the bodily or organic chemical processes.
In humans, interestingly enough, after water, proteins take up the maximum portion of our bodies. These proteins contain what is called amino acids, which make them up.

As we have been taught since childhood, they are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids, in combination with nitrogen, form several different proteins.
In addition to that, they consist of the end product of digestion. They are basically of 2 types - essential and non-essential. The former is not produced within our body, so we have to obtain them from outside sources. The latter is produced by our bodies internally. Both the types perform specific functions in the body.

Various Benefits

Cell Growth

Amino acids, when not broken down, are necessary for the synthesis of cell protoplasm. They also have a vital role in building the cells. Moreover, they bring about the repair of worn-out parts during the breakdown of tissue proteins while the body goes through metabolic processes.

Storing Proteins

In adults or older people, protein synthesis is less than protein breakdown. This is because proteins cannot be stored when nitrogen equilibrium is established. But proteins curiously enough can be stored on account of these acids, when the protein synthesis is at a higher rate compared to its break down.

Muscle Building and Recovery

Proteins, when taken as supplements or essential amino acids obtained from food facilitate faster, and active muscle building. For those who rigorously workout, these are all the more crucial, because they can help in muscle and body recovery in the time span between workouts.

Immune System and Digestion

They give the required boost and support to our immune system and metabolism as well. Some of the important immune system cells produced in our body are because of the amino acids. Digestive process is helped through the creation of enzymes by amino acids.
These were the benefits of around 28 commonly known amino acids in general. Here is more on the important ones and their functions and advantages.

Important Amino Acids and their Benefits


Glutamine is basically a semi-essential amino acid, but in some conditions, it becomes essential. Nevertheless, it is important as a fuel for cells of the intestinal lining. It is a major part of the body's metabolic processes as compared to any other amino acid.
Further, when the body is experiencing severe stress, it keeps tabs on an overall amino acid balance in the body. A healthy immune system, and digestive tract is facilitated by glutamine. In addition to that, mental alertness, memory and mood improvement are assisted by it.


It keeps a check on our emotions and sentimental behavior. Even in the final synthesis of thyroxine, it performs a vital role. This ultimately leads to prevention of hypothyroidism. Further, it stimulates various brain activities, and aids in controlling drug resistant anxiety and depression.


It helps in converting the stored body fats into energy, and that is why it is mainly beneficial for athletes, allowing them to perform intensive workout sessions. The functions of antioxidants are also believed to be enhanced by L-carnitine.
In addition to being beneficial for diabetics (as it supposedly controls hypoglycemia), it improves the functioning of liver and kidneys.


This amino acid results in tumor and cancer retardation, and liver detoxification. In addition to this, it helps proper release of growth hormones, and maintenance of healthy immune system. It also aids in dealing with kidney disorders and for men, it can give a boost to their sperm count.


Lysine contributes to collagen formation, building muscle protein, and in recovery, with regards to sports injuries and surgeries. It is also important for prevention of viral infections, like cold sores and genital herpes. Overall, it contributes to the well-being of our body.
There are few others like tryptophan, methionine, phenylalanine, etc., which play a vital role in maintenance of our health. These also perform similar functions, and lead to somewhat similar benefits as mentioned earlier.
Last but not the least, if you are pondering about taking amino acid supplements on account of benefits of amino acids, consider it very carefully. Have them only after consultation with the doctor, and avoid over-consumption of these supplements as they can have side effects too. Take Care!
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