Are Eggs Good for You?

Are Eggs Good for You?

Doubting if eggs are good for you? Eggs are great for your health, however, care should be taken while consuming eggs. Read on to learn about various egg health benefits.
You can have eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are easily available and inexpensive foodstuffs. Chicken eggs are the most consumed eggs compared to other variety. Eggs are said to be healthy foods. Did you know that eggs contain 13 important vitamins and minerals? Eggs nutrition facts show that it also contains two important antioxidants. Eggs are an excellent source of many nutrients, and people who don't eat non-veg but eat only eggs can greatly benefit by eating eggs. Eggs are especially beneficial for children and pregnant women. Here are more benefits of eggs, that will help you understand the health benefits of eggs.

Why Are Eggs Great for You?

Given below are the various important reasons that will explain to you why eggs are good for your health.

General Health Maintenance
Eggs are excellent for your mental and physical health. There are only 75 calories in a large-sized eggs, and many important nutrients that are good for your health. Choline present in eggs helps to regulate the nervous system and brain function. So you are getting many nutrients from eggs without having to eat too many calories.

Heart Benefits
Yes, eggs are good for your heart health though, eggs do contain a good amount of dietary cholesterol. However, 'saturated fat' (not cholesterol) is responsible for impacting blood cholesterol levels. One study even shows that eating eggs regularly, doesn't affect LDL cholesterol or heart disease risk. There are omega-3 eggs, which are produced by giving the hen a feed that is rich in omega-3. By consuming these eggs you can bring down the cholesterol level.

Skin Benefits
Eggs whites are well-known for skin benefits. Egg whites nutrition facts show that it is high in calcium, potassium, iron, protein, and other important nutrients. You can get these nutrients by eating eggs regularly, or by applying the egg white on your face. Applying egg white mask helps to make the skin tighter, thus lifting the face. You can make a great egg white face lift pack by whisking 2 egg whites in a bowl. Keep it on the face for 5 minutes and wash your face with cold water. Make sure you wash your face, before the egg white dries or you will get the clammy odor of egg whites.

Hair Benefits
Egg is popular as homemade hair conditioner. Egg yolks contain vitamin A, D, E, and other B vitamins, which are excellent for hair health. Especially, vitamins A, D, and E as they help to treat hair loss. So, you can get these vitamins by eating eggs regularly, or by making a homemade conditioner with eggs.

Eggs should be added to the diet when pregnant. As a large egg contains 251 milligrams of choline, which meets more than half of a woman's daily requirement. Choline helps in brain development of unborn babies. Eggs consumed regularly during breakfast will also provide you with many important nutrients. The antioxidants which are found in eggs promote eye health. As already mentioned, eggs are good to maintain skin and hair health too.

So, make eggs a part of your diet, otherwise you will miss out on many important nutrients. However, just don't fry them or add loads of cheese or butter while making them, as this means loading eggs with unhealthy calories which is not good for your health.