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Are We Really What We Eat? You'll Be Amazed to Know

Are We Really What We Eat?
Do we eat to live or live to eat? Whatever be the mantra we follow, here's a serious question: are we becoming the food we eat? Is it just about the nutrition we get from the food we consume or something more? Let's unravel the mystery...
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2018
Diet comparison
Binge eating, late-night snacking, depression eating, comfort eating, call it whatever you want, these are just excuses for us to grab a bite without giving it any serious thought. Some call it instant gratification. In reality, however, we all are becoming what we eat.
On Deeper Introspection
Think of the numerous times, when we give in to unhealthy snacking and later think of the effect it is going to have on our system. Now that you know what we are really talking about, does it make sense? Our eating habits does leave a huge impact on our lifestyle. We'd have to say, there is an amount of truth in this adage. Yes, we are what we eat.

We all are aware of the fact that the food we eat not only provides us with nutrition, but also helps with the smooth functioning of the body. From time immemorial, we are made aware of the benefits of having a balanced diet, yet we have comfortably ignored the signs of our deteriorating health. Well, if experts are to be believed, then the results are sure to throw you off balance. For starters, the skin on your body replaces itself every 35 days. What's even more interesting is the fact that your liver takes about a month to rejuvenate or reconstruct itself. All this is possible only because your organs utilize all that you eat to replace themselves.
Scientifically Speaking
Research done at the Nanjing University in China has discovered an increase in the rice micro-RNA in the bloodstream of Chinese subjects. These plant miRNAs make their way into the host system through the process of food intake, and are known to regulate the host physiology by provoking the expression of target genes. To prove the fact that the food we eat has an impact on our lifestyles, a test was conducted on mice. This test revealed that miRNA can alter the LDL cholesterol filtering abilities of the liver in mice.

That apart, by relying on food on the go, we are actually ingesting chemicals, preservatives, artificial food dyes, fertilizers and more poisonous substances into our systems. Pure, organic food, on the other hand, has been sidetracked and so has the nutritional content and good enzymes.

On a rather humorous note, if what we eat determines who we really are, then
Hot chilies
Hot chilie
A person who consumes too much of chilies has a problem controlling his/her temper.
Smiling Onion
A person who consumes fries should be more or less a couch potato,
while one consuming onions should have terrible body odor.
Few years down the line, will we end up looking like this?
Grilling Chicken
In the worst-case scenario, like this?
Hot Dog Character Grilling Burgers
A few years down the line, we are all going to look like the hamburgers, fries and the not-so-healthy can of cola. The 'Eternal' food fight continues, this time vying for your attention. Each saying, 'Choose me, Pick me, Eat me...', what's your choice?
What we eat...
Cheese Roll
What we should be eating...
Green vegetables
What we eat...
Burger like lady
What we should be eating...
Fruits smiling
What we eat...
Crunchy Food
What we should be eating...
Strawberry and grapes
What we eat...
Hot Dring
What we should be eating...
Orange Juice
Well, it's a known fact that the junk that we so tenderly call food, is the cause of almost all the health problems that we face. Despite the fact that the food we eat contains high levels of the unhealthy stuff, we find ourselves unable to resist these foodstuff.
Fast Food
Healthy Food
In the race of food, healthy takes us ahead, but we invariably let unhealthy win.
Looking at the statistics, a majority of the people around the world fall into the obese category. Thanks to the plethora of fast food centers springing up at every corner of the world, the children these days, have never reaped the benefits of healthy snacking. While the food war continues, we all know the result - calories, sugar and fat lead the way.
Fatty Food
Healthy Eating
Protein carbohydrate diet
Our body is akin to a machine which needs fuel to walk, run, play, and perform all the daily chores. Like all machines, our body too needs fuel. And food here becomes the ultimate fuel to refresh, rejuvenate and help the so-called-machine perform at its prime. The ball is in our courts, we become the captain of our body; hence making the right choice is all in our hands. In the most simple words, you have to become a conscious eater. Thus, choosing what you want to become.
While the eternal fight of healthy vs. unhealthy continues, it is up to us to decide whether to eat the food that benefits us or not. After all, it is a little bit of everything that we eat that makes us who we are.