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Surprising Nutrition Facts About Beer

Madhumita Shivade Jan 9, 2019
Is that bottle of beer healthy? Well, though most of the beer drinkers never think of this question, you'll be surprised to know that it really is healthy, if not consumed in excess. Take a look at these nutrition facts, they might surprise you.
Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams...
If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, 'It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than to be selfish and worry about my liver.'
- Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey
What is an afternoon without friends over, sitting near a pool, gossiping, with a pint of chilled beer in your hands? Wow!...Nothing like it.
But have you ever thought how nutritional it is? Have you thought about beer nutrition? Being one of the most consumed drinks in the world, this alcoholic beverage stands amongst popular drinks in the world. Here is a list of nutrition facts; read them with a pint in your hand!
  • Though the vitamin B content is wiped off during the process on fermentation, some researches have found out few traces of vitamin B in beer.
  • It also contains some amounts of sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.
  • There are a lot of calories in beer.
  • So if you empty 2 to 3 bottles everyday, you might start gaining tremendous weight.
  • Beer leads to urination.
  • It does reduce stress to some extent. So having it in little quantities won't do much harm.
  • Interestingly, it has been found that risks of strokes, vascular and cardio vascular diseases are also lowered by consuming this alcoholic beverage.
  • Having beer after a long hectic day also helps relax and soothes your stress which helps you sleep better at night.
  • Some studies have shown that it is also good for kidney stones.
  • It is both fat free and cholesterol free.
  • It is rich in silicon which strengthens the bones and prevents fractures in the later life.
  • It makes our skin glow. It has a few antioxidants that help fight the free radicals that damage our skin. It nourishes the skin and makes it look healthy.
  • Did you know that drinking beer can give you shiny and soft hair? It provides a great nutritional value to your hair and also acts like a conditioner. Dilute half a can of beer and pour it on our hair. Mix together half can of beer (undiluted) and an egg, massage it on your hair and then rinse it off thoroughly. It works.
  • You'll be amazed at this, but beer also provides great nutritional value to your plants. The yeast present in it nourishes them and helps give you a blooming garden. So instead of throwing the left over in your sink, get your plants drunk!
These were the nutritional facts about beer. Keep these facts in mind, the next time you have a glass of beer. Remember, it contains alcohol and should always be consumed in a limited quantity so that it does not harm your liver. Cheers!