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A Brief Overview of the Wonderful Benefits of Organic Meat

Benefits of Organic Meat
It is said that the organic meat is better than the regular meat we usually consume. What are the reasons that support this claim and what are the benefits of the same? These, and certain other issues will be covered in the following article.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
People have become conscious of their weight. People have also become conscious of their health. And most of all, people have become conscious of their choices. A trip to the general stores produces low fat and skimmed milk instead of the regular kind, packed and processed meat instead of the one sold at the butchers and the case continues with other products, ranging over a wide variety as well. See? That's people getting conscious right there. In all this scramming to opt for a healthier lifestyle, organic meat is slowly picking up momentum. 
Why is that? Organic meat is taken to be a more healthier option when it is compared to regular meat. It is said that the benefits of organic meat produce a staggering range and are much more than what regular meat can ever hope to produce. What exactly lends to this phenomenon? In the following section, we will try and understand what organic meat is and why it is considered to be a better choice.
Organic Meat vs. Conventional Meat
The meat that you buy in your local store? Yeah, it's most likely laced with growth hormones or certain antibiotics. Why? This is done for two reasons - one, so that the animals do not become afflicted with diseases, and two, so that the animals can become plump (for more meat). The direct result of this? The meat could produce certain adverse side effects on the human body.
And what's the deal with organic meat? What is organic meat? The animals that are reared for their meat are not fed with any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They are instead fed a wholesome and natural diet that is not laced with any pesticides either. Along with that, the animals are treated humanely and are not placed in cages or cramped compartments. Their meat is, therefore, more healthy and nutritious.
In the following section, we will get into more depth about the varied health benefits of organic meat and understand why organic meat is considered a better choice to make.
Benefits of Eating Organic Meat
Is organic meat better for you? Absolutely. The fact that organic meat is a healthy choice to make is probably a given, they say, but what exactly are the health benefits that it extends? Here is a brief study of the same.
Healthier Meat
Animals that are reared on organic farms are never treated with antibiotics. The way they are reared ensures their health because they are always fed the most nutritious foods. Since they live in a natural environment, where they have proper access to the outdoors, they tend to be fitter.
Disturbed mental health and trauma can cause diseases in an animal. Since this factor is taken care of, it leads to better health and therefore, better meat. What is even better is that this meat contains a higher number of natural vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (omega-3, good fat and cholesterol) which can lend to great human health.
Tastier Meat
Animals reared on organic farms are allowed to breed in their most natural way, such that their growth process is not altered. Also, they are not fed with any chemicals and steroids and nor are they fed with any antibodies. The result? Extremely tasty meat. When treated with chemicals and the like, the meat alters its taste. Similarly, if an animal is sick, it degenerates the meat and gets it tasting sour.
Free of Harmful Chemicals
Treating animals with varied hormones can produce severe side effects on them. To state an example, injecting cows with the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) can result in the increase of the IGF-1 hormone in the milk. This is known to cause cancer in humans. Similarly, other antibiotics can cause other severe illnesses in humans as well.
These are only just examples and if one gets deeper into this factor, they will realize that there are several such health risks that can arise, simply by ingesting meat from animals that are treated with chemicals. On the other hand, since organic meat is reared by natural means and is not stuffed with chemicals, it poses absolutely no health risks to a person.
Humanely Bred
Knowing that the animals are reared well, allowed plenty of sunlight, spacious living areas and are fed the most natural foods, ensures great health. Compare these living styles to those of animals grown on regular farms and you'll see the stark difference. It is not necessary that they are treated humanely. And none of us is as inhumane to not want that.
These are the varied health benefits of organic meat, which then automatically translate into better human health. Why eat organic food? That's why. The only hitch that many people find in this otherwise great choice is that it is slightly more expensive than regular meat because of the means required for the rearing. Yet, with the staggering amount of health benefits that it provides for, do you really think this is even worth being made into an issue? You decide.