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Best Laxatives to Lose Weight

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 6, 2018
In recent times, the use of laxatives to lose weight has gained immense popularity, some of which are described here. Take a look to know more about them.
There are different names with which laxatives are referred to as like purgatives or aperients. They are available in different forms, such as food, compounds or drugs. They aim to induce bowel movements or soften stools. They were initially designed to counter constipation issues or for medical purposes, to clean the colon for bowel and rectal examination.
When ingested, they help in eliminating undigested food remains from the large intestine and colon. However, in recent years, the use of purgatives for weight loss has become very popular.
When one is taking laxatives to lose weight, it's best to know their side effects as well. Some of the common symptoms, include bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc.

Having said that we will find out more about the laxatives that aid in weight loss.

Fiber Products

These are among the best and safest laxatives. They are also known as bulk producing agents, which are often made up of the dietary fiber. They are slow acting laxatives and take anywhere between 12 hours to 36 hours. They bulk up the stools, which leads to the contraction of the intestines and causes bowel movement.
When one is taking these laxatives, it is important that one consumes liquid, especially water in sufficient quantities. The side effects of these laxatives can be abdominal pain, gas, intestinal blockage, bloating, allergic reaction, etc. The common laxatives, which fall under this category include psyllium husk, bran, guar gum, methyl cellulose, etc.
Some foods like apples, prunes, broccoli, etc also come under this category.

Stool Softeners

When these laxatives are taken, they cause fluids to mix in the stool. This leads to softening of the stools. They coat the stool and wall of the colon with water resistant film, which helps in smooth passage of stools. They need approximately 12 to 48 hours to show results.
Some of these softeners are consumed with liquids. Some of the side effects of these laxatives include cramps, irritation in the throat, skin rash, etc. At the same time, if the laxatives have mineral oil in them, they can give rise to a number of other problems.
It is important to note that these laxatives may not necessarily cause bowel movement, however, they help in preventing constipation. One example of this stool softeners is docusate.

Stimulant Laxatives

They are made using chemicals or herbs which cause the intestinal muscles to spasm and contract. Unlike the other two laxatives mentioned earlier, these work much faster and take less than a couple of hours to show results. However, these laxatives are not free of side effects and often cause diarrhea, dehydration, gas, etc.
If they are used for extended period of time, a person may get addicted to them which can cause harm to the intestinal lining. The common laxatives under this category include senna, cascara sagrada, castor oil, etc.

Osmotic Agents

This laxative causes water to be drawn into the large intestine, leading to bulking up of the stool and in turn causing contractions. They may take anywhere between a few hours to about 48 hours. These laxatives can cause dehydration and buildup of minerals which can put undue pressure on the kidneys.
The other side effects of these laxatives include dizziness, confusion, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, etc.
These were some of the best laxatives which can help you lose weight. However, it is best to consult your health care professional before you take any one of these. He/she is the best person to give you proper advice regarding the accurate dosage, side effects and all the other details about these purgatives.