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Benefits of Black Walnuts

Nicks J Nov 3, 2018
Due to their numerous health benefits, black walnuts have gained enormous popularity in recent years.

Did You Know?

By having two handful of walnuts daily, young men can increase their chances of attaining fatherhood as these nuts help in enhancing sperm health.
Although the benefits of walnuts are many, the black walnut is especially popular for its medicinal properties. This walnut is an important ingredient of folk and traditional medicines. Romans referred to it as the 'Imperial Nut', as it was used to treat a variety of ailments.
Due to its immense medicinal value, the Russian hospitals have been utilizing this nut since the beginning of 17th century. Native Americans too realized the importance of black walnuts, and hence have been using it for years to cure various skin disorders.

Black Walnut Benefits

There are people who daily eat these nuts but are unaware of health benefits of black walnut. Black walnuts can help to cure various health problems. This is because walnuts are a rich source of nutritionally important ingredients.
Black walnuts have significant amounts of magnesium and potassium. It contains essential Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for your health, particularly the heart.
Having a handful of walnuts everyday can promote heart health and reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke. Studies have shown that eating walnuts can lower high cholesterol levels, thus ensuring a healthy heart. In one study, it was evident that black walnuts can play a crucial role to control damage post heart attack.
People suffering from heartburns have found relief by including black walnuts in their diet. Intake of black walnuts positively affects the arteries as they decrease the inflammation and reduce the level of substances that block the arteries. In other words, black walnuts help to maintain normal functioning of arteries.
They aid in enhancing the circulation of blood throughout the body. Hence, these walnuts are considered to be very good for the circulatory system. As black walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to treat conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, and even prevent cancer.
A study revealed that black walnuts can kill candida, which is a yeast-like fungi. This is because, black walnuts are alkaline forming foods and as fungi and other parasites cannot survive in an alkaline environment, eating these nuts does work to eliminate the infection. The study showed that black walnuts are even far better than most antifungal drugs.
Black walnuts also display laxative properties and hence their consumption can benefit to improve constipation. In simple words, eating black walnuts is a natural way to get relief from painful bowel movement.

Black Walnut Hull

Black walnut hull, which is the dry outer covering of the nut, helps to get rid of tapeworms and intestinal parasites. Black walnut hull powder is very rich in iodine. It is also available in capsule form and often helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland when taken internally.
Skin complaints like acne, blisters, eczema, and also ringworm are often treated with this black walnut hull powder. As black walnuts acts as an antiseptic, the use of black walnut extracts and supplements helps in curing various intestinal disorders like constipation.
Even black walnut leaf powder can work wonders on a variety of skin conditions. The decoction of black walnut can cause evacuation of parasitic worms.
External application of black walnuts is also useful in the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and canker sores. It can successfully heal skin problems that occur due to fungal infections.
Some doctors also recommend taking walnut extracts internally for disorders like rheumatism, gout, glandular disturbances, and those that occur due to parasites. When taken internally, it oxygenate the blood in order to destroy the parasites. A walnut tonic is beneficial for kidney health as well as for cancer patients and helps treating black oak rashes.
Regular intake of black walnuts is an easy way to gain strength and weight. With so many black walnut benefits, it would be wise to make these nuts an essential part of your diet.