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Buttermilk Benefits

Dr. Sumaiya Khan May 6, 2019
Buttermilk is a yummy, healthy, and easy-to-make drink. Drinking this beverage is beneficial to the body in various factors such as helping in digestion, blood circulation, weight loss, providing essential nutrients, etc.
All of us know what is butter and what is milk. However, how many of us know what is buttermilk? Yes, unlike the two subsets of its name, buttermilk is not simply a mixture of butter and milk. Instead, it is obtained by fermentation of milk and is the byproduct that is formed after churning out butter from cream.
The popularity of this white-yellow colored drink has grown tremendously off late and this can be credited to the various buttermilk benefits. Once you get to know the wonders that this simple drink manages to pull off, you'll be astounded.

Buttermilk Health Benefits

● One of the main cultured benefits is that it helps to reduce the heat in the body. Hence, this is a great option for people that are looking to attain relief from hot flashes or who generally tend to have a high metabolism and high body temperature. Buttermilk reduces and tries to nullify any excess heat that is produced in the body.
● Some homemade varieties have many additional benefits! Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid bacteria and so, it is said to aid in digestion and gets rid of problems like acidity and indigestion.
● Due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria, it also helps to boost the immune system! Yes, one of the buttermilk benefits is that these bacteria try and combat all the harmful pathogens that you ingest with your food. This way, they keep digestive problems and digestive system diseases at bay. Yet another reason to learn how to make buttermilk from milk!
● There are many buttermilk nutrition facts that you may not be aware of. It is rich in various nutrients, like minerals including potassium, phosphorus, and even calcium (since it is derived from milk). Not only these, buttermilk benefits also extend further because it contains some essential vitamins which your body could really use.
● While speaking of the nutrition value, this is a great drink to aid in weight loss. If you've buttermilk just a while before a meal or even with meal, you'll get full easily and will tend to eat less. Also, the food that you eat will be better digested. That's not all. This drink also contains very less fat, so it meets your basic needs for fats as well.
● Did you know that there are various buttermilk benefits for skin too? Yes, regularly drinking this beverage will ensure that your digestive system remains clear and this will directly reflect on your skin! Many people also have a bath with buttermilk or rub it on their skin and wash it, as it acts as a cleansing, de-tanning, and a moisturizing agent.
● A person who has had his gallbladder removed really needs to watch his diet and is not allowed to have anything that is very high in fats. Buttermilk is said to be a part of gallstones diet, as a person is discouraged from having whole milk or fatty milk. This is the person's best source for calcium after he has had his gallbladder removed.
This simple drink really holds a great deal of benefits in just one glass. So, the next time you think of grabbing that corrosive cola drink, instead, reach out for buttermilk - the choicest healthy drink there could possibly be!
Disclaimer: This item is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.