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Cinnamon for Belly Fat

Dhanashree Patane Apr 21, 2019
Apart from being a popular spice, cinnamon is also considered extremely effective for weight loss. This write-up talks about the role of cinnamon in reducing excess fat from the body.
With already every minute running with diet recipes and exercise, is it possible to stretch your lives fully just to reduce love handles and happy chubby tummies? Belly fat is a stubborn hug that has been an enemy for many bodies and with sluggish and lazy lifestyles, the fat just does not budge, even after long hours of working out and bland plates of food.
After these good old investments of diet and exercise, do you find it tough to erase the fat on your belly? If yes, it is time you got back to mother nature's treasures for ancient secrets for a healthy life.
The dream for sleek bodies and flat tummies has to transform to realism, not only by photoshopping your picture, but in real 3D! And our spice doctors have news that makes this possible.
We all have heard about cinnamon, fragrant and mildly sweet, yet with a dash of spice, this spice is known to add taste to food, and has been used in medicine also. Studies have proven that it can be used to reduce fat stored around the abdomen.
Well, after welcoming names as a cure to reducing belly fats, like a miracle spice or magic ingredient, good old cinnamon still remains a spice that is easily available, and that can be used daily in regular homemade dishes too.

Importance of Cinnamon for Overweight People

When talking about cinnamon to lose belly fat, its benefits do not work directly on the rate of metabolism or on the cells that signal hunger pangs to the brain, like most of the diet foods. Listed here are the benefits and how exactly they help the body reduce belly fat.
● Cinnamon is a spice that is rich in vitamin A and C, and it also is a good source of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and manganese. It is an excellent antioxidant.

● Along with a pleasing taste, it benefits your muscles by driving the carbohydrates in the fat cells to build muscles.
● It has amazing properties that have been studied, like it helps stimulate insulin sensitivity in the cells. Now this will help to keep a tab on the blood sugar levels. With balanced insulin in the cells, the body will not store sugar as fat, but instead push this to be used as energy.
● Cinnamon also has properties that are able to keep a check on the sudden splurge in sugar levels after a meal. It is able to balance the meal by lowering the glycemic index (GI) of food eaten. So no matter how starchy your platter is, cinnamon will reduce the GI and hence the cravings for another meal.
● The fat cells that line up the abdominal area are found to be typically sensitive to high insulin. These cells will store more sugar as energy in them, in case of more than average sugar in the blood.
High amount of insulin in the body is also not healthy. More insulin will draw sugar from the blood stream to be stored in cells as fat, which we have to avoid. It will help balance the insulin levels, hence balancing burning fat and sugar control.
With all these amazing benefits, you get to keep healthy muscle and lose belly fat. The most simplest way to is include this spice in your diet, you can add a sprinkling of cinnamon powder to desserts, yogurt, and pies.
You can also add cinnamon sticks to tea, and brew some cinnamon flavored tea for breakfast. It can be added to as many foods and recipes you wish to.
Be it cakes, toasts, butter, cheese, or a simple sprinkle on your salads. Moreover, if you do not wish to add cinnamon to food, you can use it in the form of pills. Experts also advise cinnamon pills for belly fat. But make sure you consume these after medical advice only.
Cinnamon has amazing antioxidant properties, so along with a slim belly, a youthful glow is a bonus one would get. Make sure you use fresh cinnamon, powdered or as a stick. Burning fat will be a combined effort of exercise and some 'cinnamon-ny' diet, which definitely spices up the effort!