A List of Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates, not known to most people, make an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This article cites some popular examples of such carbohydrates.
NutriNeat Staff
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Complex carbohydrates are the kind of carbohydrates, which contain sugars, also known as starch. Their molecules are strung together to form more complex chains. These long chains of sugar molecules let the body break down the carbs more slowly.

This, in turn, helps the body to maintain a lasting source of sustained energy. And this is what the body requires to prevent the occurrences of a number of medical conditions.
Simple carbs, on the other hand, contain sugar, which undergos a rapid breakdown process. This in turn provides quick and limited bursts of energy. These carbs must be avoided in a pre-diabetic diet.

They lead to food cravings and weight gain in most people. Whereas, complex carbs consist of high fiber foods, which not only provide long-lasting energy, but also help us feel full, long after we've had our meals.
Foods Rich in Complex Carbohydrates
Asparagus Broccoli
Bagel Brussels
Carrots Buckwheat
Celery Cabbage
Dill pickles Cucumber
Lentils Eggplant
Low-fat yogurt Garbanzo beans
Okra Granary bread
Oranges Macaroni
Pitta bread Pinto beans
Potatoes Porridge oats
Whole grain cereals Yams
Wild rice Zucchini
All bran Bananas
Almonds Black beans
Apples Cassava
Apricots Dried Coleslaw
Collard greens Grapefruit
Corn Kidney beans
Dry beans Museli
Flax seeds Oat bran cereal
Grapefruit Oatcakes
Lettuce Onions
Multi-grain bread Peppers, sweet
Navy beans Root vegetables
Pistachio nuts Shredded Wheat
Pumpkin seeds Skim milk
Radishes Sunflower seeds
Ryvita crispbread Sweet potato
Soybeans Tomato
Spaghetti Turnip greens
Summer water Walnuts
Winter squash Cress
Wholemeal bread Weetabix
As aforesaid, complex carbohydrates consist of foods which are high in fiber. This is the reason why, people who include these carbs in their daily meals have minimal complaints regarding digestion disorders. They also provide aid in stabilizing the blood sugar levels, and maintain energy at an even level.

The fact that these carbohydrates help us in being full for a longer time advocates their quality to prevent weight gain. Simply because, if you feel full for a longer time, until your main meal time, then you will not feel the need to binge on fast foods or any other unhealthy snack.

Foods abundant in complex carbs are known to be more nutritious than those having simple carbs. So, these foods not only help in weight management, but also provide the body with a good amount of nutrition as well.
It is recommended that about 45 - 65% of the daily calories must be consumed from complex carbs, thereby making them a major part of the diet. After all, they provide us energy to keep us going all day, and that too, without any worry of putting on extra weight.
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