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Cranberry Juice Benefits for Women

Cranberry has a special bias towards women, as there are many health benefits of cranberry juice which are specific to women. Know why they love it.
Medha Godbole Nov 6, 2018
It is hilarious to see Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., flaunting his culinary skills with cranberries. He calls them (in his own witty and humorous way) chanberries, since Monica gives him the responsibility to prepare cranberry sauce!
This juice is very good for your health. A native of the USA, this berry has been used as food, medicine and a coloring agent for fabric, since ancient times.
The passage of time led to experiments and extensive study of this wonder berry, and many of its health benefits were discovered. Further, it was found that it is specifically good for women. So all the ladies out there, this is for you.

Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

This is one of the foremost health benefits which women who have it regularly, will swear by. This juice acts like a diuretic, and helps prevent urinary tract infection. The juice from this berry avoids the adhesion of escherichia coli to the bladder wall, facilitating easy expulsion of this bacteria through urine.

Protects Against Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Once again, the anti-adhesion and anti-bacterial properties of cranberries come to the rescue. A study found that the bacteria responsible for ear or mouth infection do NOT get stuck to the red blood cells or the cells in the mouth, on account of cranberry juice. This avoids an infection of the ear or mouth, thus ensuring the health of all the nearby organs.


Cranberries have been touted to have a lot of antioxidant phenols, promoting overall health and fitness.
This is another very important benefit of this juice. This benefit has been discovered, as a result of careful analysis of the nutritional facts of cranberry juice. Also, intake of this juice reduces the risk of many serious diseases like cancer.

Dental Health

This is an extremely important aspect for maintenance of our overall health.
According to research, this juice contains substances which inhibit the growth of bacteria which cause dental plaque, periodontal diseases and cavities. The calcium content in this juice is mainly responsible for this.

Protection Against Heart Diseases

Polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids found in cranberry juice, reduce the oxidation of the low density lipoproteins, which reduces the risk of heart diseases. Blood flow to the heart is improved by the consumption of this 'superberry'. Prevention of oxidation through this juice, is believed to lessen the threat of heart diseases.

Detoxification of the Body

Again, women are very concerned about the detoxification of their body, and flaunting a clear and glowing skin. Cranberry juice, and cranberry pills, are useful for ridding the body of harmful organisms, which obstruct the natural cleansing mechanism of the body.
This is because cranberries contain Vitamin C, K and A, fiber, potassium and manganese. Besides, the calories are nothing to worry about, which is why, cranberry juice detox has become quite popular these days.

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Women are prone to breast cancer, and a few other types of cancer specific to women. Cranberry juice then, is especially good for them, because it is known to have anti-cancerous properties. These put up a potent fight against cancer. Regular consumption of this juice is beneficial in the long run, to ward off the risk of cancer.

Other Benefits

  • It is believed, that kidney stones can be prevented by regular consumption of this juice.
  • In addition, it is also said to protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  • It also reduces the requirement of oral antibiotics, and prevents a kind of rash called jock itch, caused by a fungal infection.
  • This juice also contributes, in maintaining adequate cholesterol levels in the body.
As per research, this juice is a totally 'feminine and female oriented' juice, since apparently, none of the benefits seen in women were observed in men! So ladies, do include a glass or two of cranberry juice in your daily diet to ensure good health!