Diets for Women over 50

Aparna Jadhav Nov 7, 2018
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One's way of eating should be changed considering one's age. Here are a few of them mentioned.
Women who are over 50 years have passed the most healthy stages of their life, like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These three phases of a woman's life are said to be the healthiest, because the hormones in her body are being used vigorously for the metabolism, and are being processed to regulate a healthy functioning.
However, as a woman's biological clock reaches menopause and further, these hormones become non-functional and therefore, problems like weight gain, loss of muscle mass, hot flashes, blood pressure problems, etc., are experienced.
Because there are weight gain problems at this age, which can lead to other serious issues related to the cardiovascular system, it is very important for women to take care of their diet and exercise.

Diet Tips

Since there are no precise diets for women over 50, it is very important to know, that at this age, trying crash diets and other starvation methods is surely not a good choice. Even though women at this age are quite prone to weight gain and obesity-related problems, failing on one's diet is not advised, as your body has its daily requirements of nutrients.
Here, instead of mentioning weight loss diets for women, a few diet tips related to what nutrients to increase and decrease in your daily diet is indicated. So, make sure you don't resort to crash diets and instead, use these tips for a healthy living.
» Reduce Calorie Intake
When you are aging, your body's ability to burn fat decreases gradually, thus increasing the fat deposition in the blood and the muscles.
➥ Therefore, even if you change your eating habits and stave yourself for weight loss, you will gain some amount of weight naturally.
➥ This cannot be controlled, but you can definitely control weight gain by consuming less calories and fats through a low calorie diet.
➥ A specific amount of calories are required for a regular metabolism, but when that level is reached, the rest of the calories are counted as waste or extra, which is the cause for weight issues.
➥ You can also resort to the low fat diet, where you eat low cheese, oil, salt, butter, red meat, skimmed milk, etc., and drink more water to keep your body hydrated.
» Increase the Protein Intake
➥ Even though you are keeping a conscious control on the intake of calories in your diet, make sure you consume enough protein.
➥ This is because when you need to burn the fat, and make muscles so that you stay healthy and fit.
➥ Proteins are very important for a healthy metabolism, good blood circulation, and an excellent immune system.
➥ Therefore, you can include foods like chicken, sea food, egg white, pulses, legumes, greens, and peanut butter, which have a moderate amount of protein (not in excess).
➥ You can also start out with a high protein diet for a small duration of time. But only if you are advised to do so by your dietitian, along with some regular exercise.
» Reduce Carbohydrate Intake
Carbohydrates are another nutrient which is one of the main requirements of a woman's diet when she is below 50. But as women age, their ability to metabolize carbohydrates decreases and instead of storing them as energy, the body stores them as fat.
➥ In the low carb diet, foods like potatoes, flour, rice, pastas, and other rich in carbohydrate foods are not included. This can surely help in keeping your body from fat accumulation, and burn the fat with regular exercise.
➥ Some more diet tips for women can include, eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible in 6 small meals throughout the day, and not restrict your meals to thrice a day. Reduce junk food, as that consists unnecessary carbohydrate and calorie content.
➥ Drinking herbal tea, like green tea without milk can help in detoxifying your body. Make sure you don't sort to any types of weight loss diets, as they can harm your body.
Along with these tips, relaxation, meditation, hydrating the body, regular exercise, and massages are also advised to stay fit and disease-free. When you are aging, taking care of yourself can surely give you a confidence boost. This way, your old age will not only be healthy but also happy.
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