Duck Eggs for Eating

Duck Eggs for Eating

Are duck eggs safe to eat and in what way can they be consumed? Read on to know more about duck eggs for eating and some of the recipes you can try.
Duck eggs are much bigger in size than those of chicken, while they are a bit smaller as compared to those of geese. They are highly nutritious and make a versatile food item in several parts of the world. However, eating them is not so familiar like consuming chicken eggs, as they have a distinctive taste. More information on safety and methods for preparing duck egg recipes is given in the following paragraphs.

Are Duck Eggs Good to Eat?

If you have doubts about the safety of duck eggs, you are not alone. Whether duck eggs are healthy is a common question amongst several ovo-vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. These eggs are safe for consumption. In fact, individuals who are allergic to chicken eggs rely on eggs laid by ducks. However, people who are extremely sensitive to egg allergies should take advice from a nutritionist before consuming duck eggs.

Studies conducted on the nutritional value of these eggs suggest that a medium-sized egg provides 130 calories, out of which more than 80% are contributed by fats. Other than this, duck eggs yield cholesterol, proteins, vitamins, and iron. A major concern with regular consumption of these eggs is their high-cholesterol content, which can lead to elevation of blood cholesterol levels. Thus, individuals having a medical history of high cholesterol or heart-related problems should refrain from consuming them.

There are some reports that suggest cases of salmonella food poisoning after consuming contaminated duck eggs. This is not a subject of much concern, as the same health risk is posed even with chicken eggs. The trick is to buy them from reliable farms rather than opting for cheaper unknown sources. With this logic in mind, you can consume duck eggs and reap the benefits provided by the same.

How to Eat Duck Eggs?

You may find cracking the shell of a duck egg a little tougher than the regular chicken eggshell. Duck eggs can be eaten in the same way as you consume chicken eggs. Whether you boil, poach, or scramble them, you can enjoy a delectable recipe out of these eggs. They are also preferred for making homemade pastries. Adding duck eggs make the batter thick and smooth, which is the key for baking delicious cakes.

Salted duck egg is a famous Chinese recipe made by curing the eggs in salted water. They are either directly soaked in the solution or packed with moist salted charcoal. After the process, what you get is a bright orange-colored yolk, surrounded by a watery white part. For enjoying the pure brine flavor, they are consumed by boiling or steaming. Or else, you can also use salted duck eggs in cooking other dishes.

This was an overview information on duck eggs for eating purposes. In order to avoid spoiling of these eggs, you can store them in a cool place. They will remain fresh for 15 days when kept in cool conditions, while in refrigerators they can remain palatable for around 5-6 weeks.