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Dukan Diet Menu

Saptakee Sengupta Oct 4, 2018
If your current diet plan is not fetching you good results, then you can shift to the Dukan diet to get the maximum benefits from the same. You can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 months with a proper following of this diet. Read ahead to know more.
The Dukan diet when followed in the right manner can completely change your life for the better. It was first put forth by Pierre Dukan, a French doctor, with the aim of helping people to reduce extra weight within a certain period.
He made an effort to write down a book about his experiences with overweight people, who were successful in losing considerable weight with the Dukan diet. The diet is basically a protein-rich diet and is also known as carb cycling or carb rotation diet.

Dukan Diet Menu Plan

The Dukan diet menu mainly focuses on consumption of protein rich foods. This is because foods rich in proteins have minimal or no fat or carbohydrate in them.
It's been planned into four phases for a specific purpose. The first two phases are strictly meant for losing weight and burning the extra fat. The last two phases are implemented for maintaining healthy weight, thereby allowing you to stay fit.

Phase I - The Attack Phase

The first phase of the diet is planned according to the number of pounds you want to lose. You can lose 8 to 10 pounds in the first five days if you rigorously follow a high protein diet. Don't consume fats or carbohydrates. Liquids, like juices should be sugar free and must drink plenty of water to avoid a dry mouth, which is a common symptom of this phase.

Phase II - The Cruise Phase

The second and one of the most important phase is also known as protein rotation phase, as you will be rotating protein rich foods with vitamin and mineral rich vegetables. Eat the vegetables in boiled form or eat them raw. Strictly to avoid fried vegetables and oily gravies. A correct diet in this phase will allow you lose up to 3 pounds a week.

Phase III - The Consolidated Phase

Once you have lost the desired weight, you can start consuming complex carbs along with fruits, vegetables and other protein rich foods. This phase is also known as the 'maintenance phase'.
The base of the diet is mainly formed by proteins, but an extra serving of carb, once a week is allowed to maintain the health. The time period of this phase is dependent on the number of calories you have lost in the previous phases.

Phase IV - The Stabilization Phase

There's a particular guideline for consumption of food in the stabilization phase. Even though you are allowed to eat your favorite recipes, you have to be cautious about the intake of calories. Once a week (preferably Thursday), you should consume only protein rich foods.
Eat according to your choice the rest of the days. Thus, the diet allows you to migrate to your own lifestyle once you have attained the weight loss goals.

Diet Menu Ideas

Now that you know the basics of the diet plan, you can incorporate the foods accordingly. Plan your diet by referring to the chart.

Phase I

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Lean meat
  • Skimmed milk
  • Fat free cheese
  • Fish
  • Turkey

Phase II

  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprout
  • Spinach
  • French beans

Phase III

  • Green vegetables
  • Whole grain bread
  • Low fat butter
  • Cottage cheese
  • Pasta
  • Watery fruits
  • Low carb rice

Phase IV

  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Meat
  • Starchy foods
  • Cereals
  • Chicken
  • Banana
  • Fruit Drinks
It's important for you to keep an account of the calories consumed by you especially after completion of the first two phases and you must drink plenty of water everyday. Along with the diet, you should also do some mild exercises to get quick results.