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Menu Plan for Dukan Diet

Medha Godbole Nov 8, 2018
A Dukan diet menu plan focuses mainly on proteins. Check out here, to know more about this diet plan.
When Pierre Dukan, a French doctor, devised an eating plan for obese people, he could not have imagined the popularity that it would eventually gain. The credit goes to one of his patients, for making him come up with this diet. The diet emphasizes on consuming high protein, and low fats and carbohydrates.
There aren't too many restrictions on what you can and cannot eat, in this diet plan. This diet has actually become extremely popular with people, due to its effectiveness. After reading that, if the Dukan diet seems to be 'the thing' that you were looking for, read on to find out more!

Dukan Diet

We will get to the menu, but before that let's find out what this diet is all about. As previously described, it is a high protein diet plan, centered around full protein food items. Along with that, it also has a no-carb, non-fat diet period, prior to the slow reintroduction of other food groups in the diet.
You need not check your weight or count your calories while you are on this diet. It is a four stage diet plan and the menu planning has to be done accordingly. After the basics, let us a look at the Dukan diet meal plan and find out what can be eaten, when you are on this weight loss diet.

Dukan Diet Meal Plan

The meal plan will vary, so be ready to accept change - sometimes you may have a better choice of food items, while other times you will have less food items to pick from, for your meals. Here is how the day's meals will be, in the primary stage of the plan.


Breakfast can include yogurt with 0% fat or fromage frais, and a boiled egg with 1 slice of turkey or lean ham. Or you can opt for a simple scrambled egg with salmon. A cup of unsweetened tea or coffee should round it off.


An oat-bran pancake, coupled with salmon or fat-free cottage cheese is one option, mixed seafood and tinned sardines (in brine) being the other options for lunch.


The last meal of the day has to be the lightest. For dinner, a good option will be grilled fish or chicken breast, cooked with lemon juice and paprika. This is just one of the many options.
This was just to give you a teaser, as to what could be a Dukan diet. A look at the stages of this diet will give you a better idea about the foods to include in your Dukan menu.

Dukan Diet Stages

There are 4 stages in Dukan diet which, will largely dictate your menu plan.

Attack Stage

In this stage, you can have meat (beef and veal), poultry (skinless), ham, fish, seafood, fat-free dairy products, tea, coffee and lots of water.

Cruise Stage

Almost all vegetables can be consumed, every other day. Avoid potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, peas, avocados and lentils in your Dukan diet.

Consolidation Stage

Now, introduce other food groups such as bread, rice, pasta, vegetable oils, etc. Butter, too, can be included.

Stabilization Stage

You can, at this juncture, get into your normal eating routine. But there has to be a protein-only-day, at least once a week. The oat bran has to be continued.
Although the plan seems impressive, there are going to be some pros and cons associated with it. Keeping that in mind, decide if you want to stick to this diet plan.
At the end of the day, the Dukan diet menu plan is not a miracle, and just eating what is prescribed in it won't help. It has to be coupled with adequate will power and exercise! All the best and take care!