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Easy Vegan Recipes for Beginners

Rujuta Borkar Oct 6, 2018
Want to cook some easy vegan recipes and don't know what to start with? Here are some that you'll like. Peruse through for a grand assortment.
Thinking of turning vegan, but are confused about what it is that you can eat if you do turn into one? It's understandable why you're facing this conundrum―because being a vegan is not an easy task. Veganism is a way of life that excludes using any animal or dairy products for clothes, food, or any other uses.
It also excludes by-products of animals and so it would go on to discard products like honey, cheese, and milk as well. However, the vegan diet benefits are several. In such a situation, it would really help if one knew some easy vegan recipes, correct?

Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw veganism is a combination of veganism and raw foodism, in the way that it excludes the usage of animal products and animals for diet and other functions. Along with this factor, it does not use a product that has been heated above 48 degrees Celsius, either.

Breakfast Mix

● Apple (1, large)
● Celery stalk (1, large)
● Spinach leaves (2-4)
● Pear (1, medium)
● Almonds/Walnuts/Pecans (2 tbsp.)
● Currants/Raisins (2 tbsp.)
● Cinnamon (½ tsp.)

1. Clean the fruits and remove all the seeds.
2. Next, use a food processor to chop the nuts and raisins into a thick mass.
3. Now, add the spinach, fruits, celery, and cinnamon into the processor along with the nuts and run it for 2 minutes or less.
4. Make sure that the ingredients are not mashed into a runny substance. They should be solid enough to consume.
5. Add some coriander or flaxseed for seasoning.


● Walnuts (1 cup, soaked)
● Sundried tomatoes (¼ cup, soaked)
● Garlic clove (1)
● Jalapeño/any other pepper (½)
● Miso (1 tbsp.)
● Water

1. Take all the ingredients and put them in a processor.
2. Grind by using minimal water (depending on how much water is left in the tomatoes and walnuts)
3. It should be of a thick consistency. Eliminate all lumps from it.
4. Now, form patties of this on dehydrator sheets that are non-sticky.
5. Let this dry on the dehydrator sheet for about 45 minutes to an hour.
6. Serve with bread or with lettuce.

Mixed Dish

● Broccoli (2 heads)
● Mushrooms (8 oz.)
● Sesame seeds
● Onion (1, small - medium)
● Olive oil (3 tbsp.)
● Vinegar (3 tbsp.)
● Garlic cloves (2, minced)
● Salt and pepper (½ tsp.)
● Paprika (1 tsp.)
● Red flakes (to taste)

1. Begin by marinating the onions, broccoli, and mushrooms in a spice of your choice. This lends some great flavors to the dish.
2. After the marinating, chop the onions, broccoli and mushrooms into pieces.
3. Now, prepare a coating paste of marinade by mixing the olive oil, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika.
4. Pour this over the chopped pieces of onions (and others) and shake it well so that it coats well. Now, put it into an air tight box and let it refrigerate overnight.
5. Before serving, let it dehydrate for an hour on plastic sheets.
6. Once this is done, season with sesame seeds and red flakes.
7. Heat it a little before serving.

Easy Vegan Recipes


● White flour (½ cup)
● Baking powder (2 tbsp.)
● Whole wheat flour (½ cup)
● Cinnamon (½ tsp.)
● Soya milk (1 cup)
● Salt (¼ tsp.)
● Applesauce (½ cup)

1. Mix the wheat flours, cinnamon, salt, and baking powder into a consistent texture.
2. Add the soya milk and applesauce into this and make into a paste.
3. Oil a waffle iron well and pour the paste onto the iron to make waffles.

Rice Pudding

● Brown rice (2 cups, cooked)
●Vanilla rice milk (½-1 cup)
● Vanilla extract (1 tsp.)
● Cinnamon (¼ tsp.)
● Maple syrup (2 tbsp.)
● Raisins (3 tbsp.)

1. Mix the brown rice, vanilla rice milk, raisins, maple syrup, vanilla extract and cinnamon into a saucepan and bring to a simmer.
2. Cook the ingredients with the pot uncovered for 20 minutes and stir occasionally.
3. After which, the ingredients will start getting thicker.
4. The pudding is ready and can be served either hot or cold.


● Frozen spinach (1 box, frozen)
● Mushroom (1 cup, sliced finely)
● Vegan spur cream (1 pint)
● Bread slices/Muffins

1. Cook the spinach and drain the excess water.
2. Cook the mushroom and spread both, the spinach and mushrooms on the bread slices.
3. Pour a layer of spur cream.
4. Place in a toaster and heat on low till it's warm.
Now that you know what some easy vegan recipes for beginners are,  you'll have no problem experimenting and coming up with great recipes and vegan diet menus by yourself. So who says vegans can't have any food choices?