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Types of Edible Wild Berries

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 26, 2018
With the start of summer, berries are found everywhere in the markets. Are you on the lookout for different types of edible wild berries? Well, this information provide just that. Have a look.
Berries grow in warmer climates and form a part of the wild plant families. They come from North and Central America, Chile, and Mexico. Some of the edible wild berries can be eaten raw and some of them have to be cooked or processed before they can be eaten. Their benefits lie in the fact that they are rich in vitamins and minerals.


There are many types of wild berries, although not all of them are edible fruits.


They are edible berries and bear fruits from May to July. They usually grow in semi-shaded areas. The color shade of these berries range from orange to salmon. These berries, native to America, signal the start of summer and give a welcome break from the winter food.


These can be found from July to September and at times till frost as well. They are creepers and climb on strong plants. Their leaves are unique. They are said to be a very aggressive creepers and usually form thickets.
Blackberry fruits are black in color when ripe. They should be picked when raw, as they are tastier compared to ripened ones. These berries are used in a variety of foods, from pies and jams to wine.

Wild Strawberry

These are found on the hill-slopes and on exposed land. They ripen when they get the maximum sunlight, which can be anything between June to August.
The difference between wild and domestic strawberry is in the taste. The wild strawberry has an intense taste and is also sweeter than its domestic counterpart.

Wild Cherry

Domestic cherries are derived from the wild cherries. The taste of these cherries can be acidic as well as sweet and succulent. They are commonly found all over Europe. Wild cherry fruits ripen around June.
They are a favorite with the birds, hence you will see birds flocking to the wild cherry plants. This can also be used as a sign to identify the edible fruits. Once you have identified these berries, you will also flock to them year after year. You can make cherry brandy from these wild cherries.


Raspberries are the best tasting berries. They grow in the wild as well as in gardens. They have an intense flavor and are usually found hidden under the leaves of the plant. They usually flower in sunlight.
If you can lay your hands on this wild fruit, you can replace it in your recipe with other berries, and your dish will taste much better. Raspberries are also used as an alternative to salmonberry and blackberry.


The difference between mulberry and other berries lies in the fact that they can survive in the coldest of climates whereas the others grow and flower in warm climes. Mulberries come in various colors, like black, white, and red.


These are the most delicate of all the types of berries. Hence, they should be eaten as soon as they are plucked. They look similar to the blackberries, but the only difference is that they look powdery. They can be used in cocktails or in mocktails.


They get their name because of their color. These berries are found in either blue, purple, or black colors. They are found in both wild as well as cultivated variety.
Their flowers are bell-shaped. Blueberry bushes usually bear fruits in May. Wild blueberries are native to North America. They are usually consumed in the form of jam.


These berries are either green, red, or yellow in color. They are used in jams and puddings.

Black Currant

This is a berry, which can be eaten raw as well as ripe. They are normally used in jams, jellies, puddings, and ice-creams. Very often, people also freeze them for later use.
So, as we saw, there are a number of types of berries. Including the edible ones in your diet can be a nutritious and delectable addition.