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Are You Aware of the Problems That Fast Food Poses?

Scholasticus K Dec 5, 2018
Modern society heavily relies on fast food. However, we fail to realize that there are certain problems associated with the consumption of this type of food. Problems that arise due to such foods are basically health-related ones.
Fast food is a concept that originated in 19th century, as a response to the growing food demands. The concept of fast food is well-defined by the term itself. Food, that can be cooked 'fast' is fast food.
Cooking basically involves the usage of techniques that enable the chef or cook to finish the cooking process in the shortest possible time. The advancements in food processing industry, lower costs, and delicious food, makes fast food a favorite choice of a large number of people, worldwide.

Fast Food and Nutrients

The major ingredients that are used in fast food, basically have a large quantity of what is known as trans fats in them. In addition to that, all the foods have a huge proportion of processed meat and less of fibers.
For example: bread, which is made up of pure flour. All these food items have a high concentration of fats, LDL cholesterol, and unhealthy proteins. Thus, the nutrients that are derived from them cause health problems.
Low nutritional value is not the only problems. The frequency with which the food is consumed is also a prominent problem. Excessive consumption of fast food leads to health problems, as the body does not get the required nutrients.
The human body, especially the digestive system and respiratory system, require carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fibers in order to keep all the bodily functions running smoothly. Unfortunately, the nutrients that are derived from fast food are not balanced, and have large concentration of unhealthy fats and proteins.

Fast Food and Eating Habits

Health problems caused by fast food include obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. As most of the food lacks a good amount of fiber, it not easy to digest fast food. The food matter that remains undigested gets deposited on the abdominal tissues. In addition to that, human beings have developed a weird style of eating.
The human body needs four meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, all at equal time intervals so that the body is able to digest the food and assimilate its nutrients. The abnormal meal timings and unequal intervals cause indigestion. The body isn't able to digest the heavy, calorific food which results into fat deposition on the tissues.

Fast Food Reformation

As a result of the recent health revolution, fast food chains and restaurants have initiated the integration of all possible food nutrients in their menus.
Hamburgers and French fries, which are probably the most famous fast foods, are nowadays made with the help of healthy low cholesterol fats, lesser oil, and whole wheat breads.
Many burgers nowadays, have a high content of salads and vegetables in them, and are made with sauces and pickles that are rich in vitamins. The fries nowadays are not deep-fried and have a low content of oil in them. Many fast food chains also resort to grilling instead of frying.
Other famous items, like tacos and nachos are being converted into healthy foods with the induction of more vegetables and methods like grilling and baking. With people worldwide turning to vegan-ism and vegetarianism, fast food chains have started serving veg products as well.
Problems also arise due to the salt and calorie content in fast food, because of our heavy consumption. Instead of over consumption, one can enjoy a varied and healthy combinations while having a fast food meal.
For example, you can have a healthy salad with a cheeseburger, or have some fruit juice with a taco.