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Fat Burning Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

Leena Palande Nov 20, 2018
Body metabolism involves burning of calories which in turn helps reduce fat and weight. Know the list of fat burning foods that speed up metabolism and promote weight loss.
Metabolism involves chemical reactions that continuously take place in your body. Metabolism promotes growth, reproduction, etc. and helps maintain the overall health. Through metabolism, life is maintained in the body.
Higher metabolism rate means your body can burn calories fast. To speed up metabolism naturally and effectively, you need to exercise properly and you need to consume natural metabolism boosters. Body metabolism results in the production of energy. A low rate of metabolism is one of the common causes of weight gain.

Natural Metabolism Boosters

These days, you get metabolism boosters in the form of supplements; but they often contain caffeine and other stimulants, which boost the rate of metabolism only for a short period. Moreover, they put a lot of stress on the central nervous system.
If you use metabolism booster supplements over a longer period, losing weight becomes still more difficult, as after some time the body becomes tolerant of the stimulants in the supplements. To avoid the harmful side effects of these supplements, you should follow a regime of fat burning exercises and incorporate natural metabolism boosters in your diet.
Remember, just sticking to a diet that includes fat burning foods is not sufficient to achieve the desired weight loss. For that, you need to exercise regularly and you need to lead a healthy lifestyle too.
The fat burning foods that accelerate metabolism offer several health benefits. Like, tea leaves, fruits, vegetables, wine which contain EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) and are antioxidant, help fat burning, and prevent various diseases.
They help prevent heart diseases, cancers and they uplift your mood too. Digestion of proteins stimulates the cellular activity and thus boosts body metabolism. Foods with complex high fiber carbs are not only considered as highly thermogenic foods, but also satiating foods which can fill you up and sustain you longer.
They steadily release insulin into the bloodstream and minimize insulin swings. Calcium accelerates weight loss by breaking down the fat from fat cells. Fruits and vegetables acting as metabolism boosters have thermogenic properties. They also have minimal impact on your insulin levels.
They offer fiber, water, vitamins and minerals which ensure efficient metabolism. The nutrients prevent fat absorption. Regular intake of some spices like garlic boosts the immune system and prevents diseases.
Omega 3 fatty acids control the levels of fat hormone 'leptin', which effects the number of calories burnt and stored as fat. Foods that burn fat and boost metabolism are also known as negative calorie foods. By eating these foods every two or three hours, you can trigger body metabolism, and can enhance the process of burning of stubborn body fat.
As the calories offered by these foods are less than the calories required to digest these foods, they are known as negative calorie foods or fat burning foods. Here is a list of foods that accelerate the process of metabolism and promote fat loss.

Foods that Help Burn Fat and Speed up Metabolism

•Green Tea
•Brown Rice
•Red potatoes
•Soy Products
•Natural Yogurt
•Brussels sprouts
•Green Beans
•Chicken Breast
•Grape Fruit
•Drinking Water
•Whey Protein
•Whole Grains
•Skinless chicken breast
•Lean beef
•Low-fat dairy products
•Sesame seeds
•Leafy green vegetables
•Brown rice
•Non starchy vegetables
•Flax seeds
•Cayenne pepper
Capsaicin rich spices, lean protein, good fat and caffeine and EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) rich beverages like tea can be included in regular diet as they help increase the rate of metabolism.
These foods help burn calories and enhance the process of fat burning. But, if you start eating only negative calorie foods, you may eventually have to face health complications. So, you should opt for a balanced diet which includes these foods in right proportions.