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An Ultimate List of Fiber Rich Foods for a Healthy You

Fiber Rich Foods List
Fiber rich foods are the ones which aid in maintaining the proper functioning of our digestive system by adding the necessary 'roughage'. Let's prepare our own list of high fiber foods that would help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Suprita Biswas
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2018
What is Fiber?
Fiber is the key to proper digestion, and aids in cleansing of the stomach and intestines. Foods rich in fiber mainly consist of the indigestible carbohydrates, most of which do not get absorbed by the body, and carry waste along with them while leaving the body. Before you get on with the fiber rich foods list, here is something more about the incomparable fiber.

It is interesting to know that, though it is made of carbohydrates, fiber actually aids in weight loss. It gives you a sense of fullness which encourages you to eat less. It also carries out the unwanted fat along with it, which would have got absorbed in the body otherwise. Doctors believe that the digestive system becomes lazy without enough roughage, and it can lead to various complications like diseases of the bowel, rectum, etc. Fiber rich foods are a blessing if in case you are suffering from constipation. However, there are two sides of a coin. Excess of anything is bad, and so it applies to fiber as well. A healthy diet according to age and weight must be followed. A high fiber diet plan mainly consists of well distributed servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals. Here's a list of foods that are high in fiber.
Fiber Rich Foods
Fiber Rich Boysenberries
Fruits are versatile as you can consume them raw, in the juice form or as salads. They go well with ice-creams, cakes and all other desserts. Fruits are nutritiously delicious and are very popular among the weight watchers.
Fiber Rich Breadfruit
Fruit Serving Fiber Content
Apple 1 medium 3.3 grams
Apricot 1 medium 0.7 grams
Avocado 1 medium 4.3 grams
Banana 1 medium 3.0 grams
Blackberries 1 cup 7.6 grams
Blueberries 1 cup 4.0 grams
Boysenberries 1 cup 7.0 grams
Breadfruit 1 cup 11.0 grams
Cantaloupe 1 cup 1.6 grams
Currants 1 cup 5.0 grams
Figs 1/2 cup 8.0 grams
Gooseberries 1 cup 6.0 grams
Grapefruit 1/2 medium 1.4 grams
Guava 1 cup 8.9 grams
Kiwi 1 medium 0.6 grams
Mango 1 cup 3.0 grams
Orange 1 large 4.4 grams
Papaya 1 cup cubed 2.5 grams
Peaches 1/3 cup 2.9 grams
Pear 1 large 6.5 grams
Prunes 1/2 cup 6.0 grams
Raisins 2 ounces 2.0 grams
Raspberries 1 cup 8.0 grams
Starfruit 1 cup 3.9 grams
Fiber Rich Cantaloupe
Fiber Rich Broccoli
Vegetables are gifted with loads of nutrients and minerals. They can be consumed in various forms. You can have them raw, boiled or cooked with your favorite spices and herbs. Add them to soups or wrap them in a bread roll, vegetables are truly flexible.
Fiber Rich Beetroot
Fruit Serving Fiber Content
Artichoke 1 medium 10.0 grams
Baked Beans 1 cup 10.0 grams
Beetroot (canned) 100 grams 4.0 grams
Broccoli 1 cup 2.3 grams
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup 6.4 grams
Carrots 1 cup 4.0 grams
Collards 1 cup 1.3 grams
Cauliflower 1 cup 5.0 grams
Crookneck Squash 1 cup 2.9 grams
Green Beans 10 2.0 grams
Kale 1 cup 1.3 grams
Lentils 1 serving 6.0 grams
Lima Beans 1 cup 11.0 grams
Potato (medium baked) 1 4.0 grams
Spinach 1 cup 1.0 grams
Sweet corn 1 cup 5.0 grams
Tomato 1 medium 1.5 grams
Turnip Greens 1 cup 5.0 grams
Fiber Rich Artichoke
Nuts and Seeds
Fiber Rich Nuts and Seeds
Nuts are mainly consumed along with cereals or desserts. They can also be chewed between meals as they are a storehouse of proteins, iron, zinc and many other nutrients. Dried fruits and nuts are ideal as healthy snacks for children as well as adults.
Fiber Rich Flaxseeds
Nut and Seed Serving Fiber Content
Almonds 1/4 cup 2.4 grams
Brazil Nuts 1 oz. 2.1 grams
Cashews 75 grams 4.5 grams
Chestnuts (roasted) 2 nos. 1.9 grams
Coconut (shredded) 1 cup 7.2 grams
Flaxseeds 1 tbsp. 3.4 grams
Hazelnuts 1 oz. 2.7 grams
Peanuts (dry roasted) 1 tbsp. 1.1 grams
Pecans 1 oz. 2.9 grams
Pistachio 1 oz. 2.9 grams
Pumpkin Seeds 1 oz. 1.1 grams
Sesame Seeds 1 tbsp. 1.4 grams
Sunflower Seeds 1/4 cup 3.9 grams
Walnuts 1 tbsp. 1.1 grams
Fiber Rich Pistachios
Cereals and Grains
Fiber Rich Brown Rice
Cereals maintain your health along with adding a feeling of fullness to the stomach. Loads of fiber content in cereals encourages stable stomach health. Cereals are quick to prepare and are best meant for daily breakfast. Nothing is better than starting your day with a bowlful of cereals with some fruit and nut garnishing.
Fiber Rich Macaroni
Cereal and Grain Serving Fiber Content
Barley (raw) 40 grams 5.0 grams
Brown Rice 1/2 cup cooked 1.3 grams
Bran 1/2 cup 10.0 grams
Cornflakes 1 cup 0.5 grams
Corngrits 1/2
cup cooked
1.9 grams
Dinner Roll 1 roll 0.8 grams
Egg Noodles 1/2 cup cooked 0.8 grams
French Bread 1 slice 1.0 grams
Graham Crackers 2 nos. 1.4 grams
Macaroni (whole wheat) 1 cup 5.7 grams
Oatmeal 100 grams 0.0 grams
Oats whole 1/2 cup cooked 1.6 grams
Popcorn 3 cups 2.8 grams
Psyllium Husk 10 grams 1.8 grams
Rye Bread 1 slice 2.7 grams
Rye Wafers 3 nos. 2.3 grams
Soya Flour 100 grams 15.5 grams
Spaghetti 1/2 cup cooked 0.8 grams
Seven Grain 1 slice 1.9 grams
Tortillas 2 nos. 4.0 grams
White Bread 1 slice 0.53 grams
White Rice 1/2 cup cooked 0.5 grams
Whole Grain Bread 1 slice 2.9 grams
Wholemeal Flour 100 grams 11.0 grams
Fiber Rich Barley Cereals
Fiber Rich Salad
The above fiber rich foods list is a small effort to help all my friends who wish to be guided towards a healthier existence, and give a wide choice of fiber foods to eat. In case you are not satisfied, you can browse through the given list of high fiber foods. Since we all know that we 'eat to live' and not 'live to eat', realizing the fact that a life full of diseases and ailments is not worth living, is a wise thought. We need to focus on following a high fiber diet, along with regular exercises, before it is too late. After all, having a plateful of 'colorful medicines' is not a very pleasant way of starting a day. Is it?