Food to Soothe an Upset Stomach

Mayuri Kulkarni Dec 3, 2018
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You need to pay special attention while selecting food for an upset stomach. While going in for lighter meals is always a safe option, have a look at the food items mentioned here that may actually relax your tummy.
An "upset stomach" is a general term used for a set of symptoms that relate to problems in the stomach and intestine. This is not a disease and is one of the most common health complaints, which is usually not a medical emergency.
Since this health problem makes the digestive system very sensitive, one needs to be careful about what food they consume for an upset tummy. The symptoms can be treated with some easy home remedies. However, first let us understand the causes and symptoms.

The BRAT Diet

The symptoms of an upset stomach can be treated by maintaining a healthy diet, and hence, it is necessary to ensure that you are eating the right food. Consumption of healthy food will help the digestive system recover quickly.
Physicians usually recommend the BRAT diet for an upset tummy, which includes consumption of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.
Following this diet will give you effective results for curing your troubled tummy. A diet for the same should include fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber food, edibles low in fat and cholesterol, etc., and plenty of water.
Try to consume bland food, or light and easily digestible food. Also, watch what you drink. Here is the list of the best food items you can consume during a stomach upset.

Upset Tummy Soothers


Bananas are a part of the BRAT diet and are very easy to digest. They make you feel full without troubling the functioning of the digestive system. They also provide required nutrients and thus, help to recover from weakness due to a stomach upset. Bananas also help in clearing our bowels.
Therefore, even if you have eaten the wrong food, bananas will help in throwing the waste out of your system. However, they should not be consumed if an upset stomach is accompanied with vomiting.


Ginger helps in alleviating nausea. It has carminative properties that relieves bloating and gas. It helps with digestion and cramps and is also beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea. It is rich in antioxidants and thus, benefits the overall health of the body.
Ginger can be consumed in various ways, either in the form of ginger tea, chews, with food, or even raw. It is recommended to have a piece of ginger after every meal for better digestion.


Make it a point to drink plenty of water (at least 2-3 liters) every day, even if you are having a bad tummy.
Water dissolves the acids and chucks out the wastes from your system; so, even if you've had a wrong intake of any food, the water will flush it out. Water also makes up for the fluids lost during diarrhea and vomiting.

Herbal Tea

Tea is very refreshing and soothing for a stomach upset. Peppermint and chamomile prove very helpful in dealing with it.
Peppermint helps with colon pain, while chamomile relieves the stomach upset. Besides these, a warm cup of tea (which includes either of the ingredients) is very helpful for a stomach upset.


One more useful food for an upset tummy is peppermint. Peppermint soothes the digestive tract and relieves the symptoms of an upset stomach within no time. When consumed in the form of tea, or oil, it gives effective results.
Similar to ginger, peppermint also helps in alleviating nausea, gas, and cramps without any side effects.


It is necessary to consume bland food for an upset stomach. This requirement is fulfilled by oatmeal. Oats are rich sources of dietary fibers and hence, help to ease your symptoms and improve your tummy condition.
As it has a good proportion of carbohydrates, it keeps you energized, too. Since oatmeal is low in cholesterol, it is very healthy for your stomach.

Chicken Broth

An upset tummy weakens the digestive system. Consume food that is light and easily digestible.
Chicken broth, being easy to digest, is good for an upset stomach. It is not just light, but also nutritious, which helps to relieve nausea and diarrhea. A substitute can be vegetable broth. Both are equally nutritious.


Papain and chymopapain are two enzymes present in papayas, which break down proteins and promote a healthy acidic environment in our stomach.
Papayas help with digestion and lessen any irritation, thus being a good tummy soother. They are consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach.


Rice goes gentle on the digestive system, yet it is very filling. Doctors recommend rice as a part of the BRAT diet. It absorbs the gases and acids in your stomach and will solidify stools, ceasing diarrhea, or an upset tummy.
It is best eaten plain on an upset stomach, but adding some chicken, or vegetable stock (for flavor), or even yogurt won't do you any harm.


Crackers can be eaten as a light snack on an upset stomach. They are tasty and can serve as a quick munch.
The plain, salted ones or soda crackers would be the best to consume. They are easily digestible and will relieve you from gurgling. They quickly absorb the acids in the stomach ultimately settling it.


Although dairy products don't digest easily, yogurt is an exception. Hence probiotics, like yogurt, etc., help in soothing and relaxing an irritated belly. They provide us with beneficial bacteria.
They are very cooling for the stomach and help with diarrhea, too. They also help in preventing diarrhea caused by antibiotics.

Fresh Juices

Fresh fruit juices replenish the lost fluids in your body. It is very good to consume fresh juices as they are light and easy to digest. They are also energizing, and hence will help in keeping you active.
Juices with citric acid, however, should be avoided. Pineapple juice helps with digestion, especially if it is had after every meal.

Lemon Juice

Lemons help to break down food. For best benefits of lemons, squeeze a whole lime in a glass of hot water and have it sip by sip. Hot water flushes toxins and wastes from your system, while lemon juice eases the stomach's working. Lemon juice can be a preventive measure for an upset tummy, if had before meals.

Dark Chocolate

The best way to speed up your bowels is by eating dark chocolate. Even if we are feeling nauseated, most of us wouldn't refuse chocolates. Research says that dark chocolate helps in relieving stomach cramps, caused by food poisoning, or bacteria.
Mixing dark chocolate powder with hot milk can be a great home remedy for an upset stomach.

Food Options for Children

An upset stomach in kids can be a little more troublesome. For them, bland food and clear broth may be the best during this time. If an upset stomach is accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea, kids tend to lose electrolytes and potassium.
Electrolytes help in balancing the body fluids; hence, feeding your child bananas will help in the replacement of these electrolytes. On the other hand, coconut water can make up for the loss of potassium in the body. Food that is low in fiber is recommended for kids as fibrous food may worsen diarrhea.

Reasons for an Upset Tummy

An upset stomach is usually a result of the consumption of a wrong type of food, which leads to improper functioning of the digestive system.
Overeating, too much consumption of fatty and spicy food, eating too fast, overconsumption of alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, administration of certain medications, ulcers, etc., are some of the reasons of an upset stomach.
Indicators: The symptoms may vary for every person. Feeling full even when you have eaten very less, pain in the upper abdomen, bloating, nausea, burning sensation in the abdomen, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, etc., are few of the symptoms of an upset stomach.

What You Should Avoid

There are also a few food items that should not be consumed during a stomach upset as they worsen the situation. They include:
✗ Fried Food
✗ Processed Food
✗ Fatty Food
✗ Acidic Food
✗ Spicy Food
✗ Salty Food
✗ Caffeine
✗ Alcohol
✗ Stale Food
✗ Nuts
✗ Cauliflower
✗ Baked Beans
Do take good care of your digestive system and keep a watch over whatever you eat. In case the mentioned remedies do not work for you, please consult your physician.
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