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Fruits High in Protein

Saptakee Sengupta Dec 13, 2018
You might be well accustomed with the benefits of fruits on our body. Some high protein fruits promise wonderful effects on the skin, aid in muscle growth, cleanse our system, and boost up the immune system.
Fruits that are high in protein are capable of sufficing the protein requirement of our body. When we make those fruits a part of our diet, then we are less likely to suffer from deficiency of protein. Avocado, Brazil nuts, coconut, walnuts, dates, raisins, and figs contain highest amount of protein.
Other than protein, they also contain all the nutrients essential for proper functioning of our body. The benefits of eating protein rich fruits include proper growth of muscles and improvement in texture of the skin. Furthermore, fruits containing high amount of proteins and fibers act as wonderful lubricants for our digestive system.

List of Fruits High in Protein

• Banana: 3.89
• Brazil nuts: 23.4
• Apricot: 1.40
• Avocado: 2.00
• Blackberries: 1.39
• Blueberries: 0.74
• Carambola: 0.54
• Cherries: 1.06
• Breadfruit: 1.07
• Grapefruits: 0.63
• Carissa: 0.45
• Elderberries: 0.66
• Currants: 1.25
• Custard apples: 1.66
• Durian: 1.47
• Apples: 0.26
• Crabapples: 0.36
• Grapes: 0.60
• Figs: 0.75
• Coconut: 3.33
• Dates: 2.45
• Groundcherries: 1.72
• Guavas: 0.82
• Jackfruit: 1.41
• Kumquats: 1.88
• Kiwi fruit: 0.79
• Litchis: 0.80
• Limes: 0.39
• Loganberries: 1.52
• Mangoes: 0.51
• Lemons: 0.96
• Loquats: 0.43
• Mammy apple: 0.50
• Melon: 0.80
• Mulberries: 1.44
• Pineapple: 0.54
• Nectarines: 1.06
• Olives: 0.84
• Oranges: 0.94
• Peaches: 0.91
• Pears: 0.50
• Papaya: 0.61
• Plums: 0.70
• Pomegranates: 0.89
• Passionfruit: 2.20
• Pummelo: 0.76
• Rowall: 2.30
• Strawberries: 0.67
• Rose apples: 0.54
• Rhubarb: 0.90
• Raisins: 2.88
• Raspberries: 1.20
• Roselle: 0.86
• Watermelon: 0.56
• Sugar apples: 2.06
• Soursop: 1.00
• Sapotes: 2.05
• Walnut: 15.23
• Tangerine: 0.63
• Tamarind: 2.72

Incorporating Protein Rich Fruits in Your Diet

As already explained, protein is vital for muscle growth and generation of new cells. Those fruits are also rich in amino acids, which are building blocks of the body. It's for this reason body builders and athletes are advised to eat protein rich foods regularly. We explain you how to incorporate them in your diet.

Brazil Nuts/Walnuts for Snacks

Highest amount of protein is present in Brazil nuts. One ounce of Brazil nuts is enough to fulfill the protein requirement of your body. Both walnuts and Brazil nuts are rich in omega-3-fatty acids and minerals.
Brazil nuts apart from helping in muscle development also have antioxidant property as they are rich in selenium. You can have them as mid-meal snacks. Avoid having fried and salted nuts.

Banana for Breakfast

One banana for breakfast is must for all. You can smash it and have with milk for filling your stomach better. From the list you can figure out that 100 grams of banana contains 3.89 gm of protein, which is sufficient for our body.
Those who have constipation problems can have a ripe banana before going to bed. Amino acid content of banana is also high and therefore, you can use it with a face pack for eliminating dry skin problems.

Coconut With Salad

The soft pulp of tender coconut is extremely rich in proteins. What you can do is have it regularly with salad. You can also have it in the afternoon or simply enjoy a bite anytime. Coconut milk is also rich in proteins and healthy fats. Avoid eating coconut with sugar.

Protein Rich Fruit Salad

Refer to the list to choose those fruits containing high amount of protein. For example, prepare a salad with avocado, passionfruit, mulberries, dates, raisins, rowall, blackberries, apricots, etc.
Incorporate a dish of assorted protein rich fruits in your diet. You will definitely notice improvement in your health after a certain period.

Why Fruits are Important to Us?

● Protein-rich fruits also contain vitamin C, calcium, carotenoids, etc. They help in synthesis of amino acids and assist body's metabolic activities. They contain folic acid, which aids synthesis of proteins & amino acids. Presence of calcium makes them quintessential to proper growth and development of bones. These fruits prevent premature decay of bones.
● People who are on a strict diet must consume protein rich fruits in order to avoid gain in weight. It's a great way to keep your stomach full for a long duration.
The most valuable source of nutrition has been found in apple, apricot, avocado, raspberry, cranberry, cantaloupe, tomato, raisin, fig, and lemon.These protein-rich fruits also contain essential substances like beta carotene, vitamin A, potassium, etc.
● Figs, in addition to protein, contain vitamin B6 which stimulates secretion of serotonin (a compound that lowers cholesterol levels and prevents water retention in body). Ellagic acid, present in blueberries, cranberrieis, raspberries, walnuts and strawberries is capable of stalling growth of cancer cells.
● Antioxidants present in fruits help to eliminate free radicals from the body, thereby showing an anti-toxic effect. Raisins are rich in proteins, fibers, and iron. All these elements are essential in the diet of people suffering from health disorders. High fiber fruits like guavas, blueberries, oranges, and figs also alleviate constipation problems.
We hope you have found the information useful enough. You will undoubtedly notice improvement in your health when you have these fruits everyday. Apart from the bounties you receive from proteins, the vitamins present in fruits also contribute to a beautiful and glowing complexion and the anti-oxidants purify blood.
Do not forget to include dry fruits in your diet. The best way to experience the health benefits is to have a plate of assorted fruits everyday.