Dos and Don'ts of Dieting for Teenage Girls

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 8, 2019
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Good diets for girls in their teens are actually balanced ones which maintain a good physique as well as health. Here are a few dos and don'ts of dieting for teenage girls.
You have stepped into the most wonderful stage of life, i.e., teenage. Looking good with a perfect figure is one of the main goals of teenage girls. And to get this, a balanced diet is needed. You have to control your temptations for chocolate and junk food. Even in group hangouts, you need to be careful that you do not cross the margin of your diet plan.
Your body undergoes a series of hormonal changes, making you vulnerable to weight gain. If you start consuming calorie-rich foods everyday, the extra pounds will start accumulating very soon. Therefore, it is the right time to chalk out a wise diet plan, containing all the essential nutrients required by your body, at this age.

Dos and Don'ts for Maintaining A Good Diet

A good diet includes all the vital elements required for growth and development of the body. Nutrition derived from such foods will give you energy to stay fit, healthy, and lively. These points describe elaborately what you should, and shouldn't do while deciding on a diet plan.
No Crash Diet: Crash dieting is a big no. Irregular consumption of foods, skipping meals, and eating volumes at times form part of the recognition of crash diets. If such is your diet style, go for a change. The side effects of crash diets become evident after a certain point of time.
Gastritis, sudden weight gain, gallstones, abdominal pain, and constipation are some of the resultant disasters. Teenage obesity is a serious consequence of following long-term crash diets.
Breakfast is a Must: You should never skip breakfast. After having supper, your body is starved for a long stretch. The empty stomach starts secreting acids that might destroy the lining of the intestine if you do not eat adequately during breakfast.
You will feel nauseated and drained of energy, because your system won't be functioning properly. Therefore, have a heavy breakfast before going to school.
A Small Lunch: After breakfast, you need to consume a small lunch to get going for the rest of the day. So, eat a mini lunch in the afternoon. Do not eat heavy foods for lunch, as they make you feel lazy and sleepy. This is one of the important criteria for diets that work fast for teenage girls. After lunch, stroll for a while to enhance digestion.
Light Dinner: Dinner should always be light. It should not contain high-calorie food. After dinner, do not go to bed immediately. Concentrate on some light exercises or go for a walk. Let the food break down, and then go to sleep. Having dinner at late hours causes deposition of fat around the abdomen. You should have your dinner 4 hours before going to bed.
Minerals and Vitamins: Calcium and iron are the most vital minerals required for healthy development of bones. You need to consume a lot of dairy products to meet the body's energy requirements. Drink a glass of milk everyday, during breakfast, and also make it a point to have an egg daily.
Fruits, vegetables, and salads must form the main components of your diet plan. Phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and D are the other essentials required for the healthy diet for teenagers.
Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates: Healthy or complex carbohydrates include foods like whole wheat bread, brown rice, pasta, grains, nuts, and cereals. Dairy-based products, chicken, lean meat, beans, etc., are rich sources of fats and proteins.
Almonds, avocado, cashews, peanuts, etc., have a high-fat content, and are considered to be healthy snacks for teenagers. They are also laden with vitamin E, required for glowing, lustrous skin and hair.
Curtail Junks and Fast Foods: Good diets, that actually work for teenagers, are devoid of fast foods. Junk foods are loaded with fats and simple carbs, that increase the level of calorie intake. It's the age where temptation is unavoidable. However, if you are sincere enough, turn away from such foods at the very sight. Instead opt for fruit salads.
Apart from a healthy diet, engage yourself in regular exercise. Yoga and aerobics are smart exercises for teenage. Be active, play lot of outdoor games, and drink plenty of water and juices. Following these specific dos and don'ts are bent to make a difference, and you'll also feel healthier.