Health Benefits of Drinking Barley Water

Barley water is a popular health drink the world over, especially in Britain. Here is more on the benefits this beverage offers.
Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 11, 2019
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Did you know that barley water is the official drink served to players at the Wimbledon since 1935! This fact proves the superiority of this drink over other beverages. It is prepared from the barley cereal, by following an easy recipe.
Barley is immensely popular in many countries for its nutritional content; it has all the ingredients that a healthy and ideal food product should have. Fibers, vitamins, and minerals in barley make it an excellent food for the body.
It is an easy way to incorporate barley in your diet, benefits the body in many ways. It reduces wrinkles, improves digestion, and provides relief from many diseases and disorders.


1. Natural Diuretic: It is a well-known natural diuretic, and helps in curing water retention.

2. Diabetes: Diabetes affects a high percentage of population the world over. Barley water comes to the rescue as it reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes. Magnesium in the drink reacts with enzymes that control the glucose level in the body.
3. Anti-aging Properties: One of the most ancient uses is its role in skin care. Barley water flushes the toxins out of the body and the effects show on your face, as a clean and wrinkle-free skin texture. What more do we women ask for?

4. Weight Loss: The reason for its immense popularity among weight watching people is its cholesterol free nature.
This said, the fiber in it is high in propionic acid and beta glucan, both of which reduce excess cholesterol from the body. Being very nutritional, it keeps the appetite under control, by making the person feel full quickly. It is thus an excellent drink that supports long-term weight loss.
5. Cough, Tonsils, Throat Infections: A recipe of barley water that makes use of ginger and cinnamon is highly effective in the control of cough, tonsils, pharyngitis, and other throat infections.

6. Gastric Inflammation Cure: It provides relief from gastric inflammation, by flushing toxins out of the body.
7. Easily Digestible: It has a negligible amount of fat, and is high on fiber. Fiber is easily digestible and aids in the fast digestion of food.

8. High Fever: Sick people are generally advised to drink barley water as it provides instant energy, is easy to digest, and reduces the body heat making it feel cool.
9. Antidote Properties: Research has also proven that barley has antidote properties, i.e., it controls the spread of poison in the body.

10. For Pregnant Women: Barley water prevents urinary tract infection, which is common during pregnancy.
11. Atherosclerosis: In atherosclerosis, there is hardening of arteries due to fat and cholesterol deposits on the artery walls (plaque). After sometime the arteries narrow down and stiffen, which eventually causes heart ailments.
Barley is a good source of vitamin B (niacin), which helps in reducing excess cholesterol content of the body. It thus helps in treating atherosclerosis.

12. Relief from Gallstones: Barley has water-soluble fiber, and this helps in dissolving the gallstones and prevents its re-formation.
Nowadays, barley water is easily available at stores, but it is best to prepare it at home, as you have the advantage of limiting the sugar amount. Ready-made drinks may contain a high amount of sugar in them. It is immensely beneficial and protects the body from many problems.
Also, being totally natural, it doesn't cause any side-effects and is suitable for children and adults alike. Sipping cups of barley water daily will protect you from the attack of various diseases and will boost your immune system, keeping diseases at bay.