High Protein Low Fat Foods

Rajib Singha Feb 8, 2019
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Protein rich foods are essential but they come with one big disadvantage - they are high in fats. These foods will help you meet your daily protein requirement without having to compromise with the health risks of unhealthy fats.

What's my name?

Pikachurin is a retinal protein in humans. Its name comes from the famous Pokemon character Pikachu. Remember the Smurfs? They have the blue protein Ranasmurfin named after them. This protein is isolated from the foam nest of a tropical frog.
With more people wishing to score high on the health meter, foods that are high in protein but at the same time, low in fat are gaining huge popularity. And why not? After all, such foods can meet your daily protein requirement without leaving you worried about how much fat you just gulped in.
Furthermore, experts suggest that when a high protein low fat diet also includes moderate carbohydrates, then the health benefits are compounded. Here are some popular food choices for such diets.

Go for the white and skip the yolk!

☛ When it comes to fat and cholesterol, eggs have a bad reputation; well just the yolk to be precise! Egg whites are free of such charges. With almost no fat, low carbohydrate, and high protein, egg whites make for the perfect healthy breakfast. Yolks are high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and also they are less than half the protein found in egg whites.

Beef is good when it is lean

☛ Beef is probably the juiciest and tastiest form of protein for meat lovers, but it is also one of the biggest sources of fat. So you can be health conscious and a beef lover at the same time only when you go for the leanest cuts.
Also, preparing the meat with the right combination of vegetables will only double the benefits. Even with pork, lamb or veal get the leanest cuts.

Chicken, but skinless

☛ If you think that beef may not be a good choice for your high protein low fat diet, then you can always go for chicken. A rich source of protein and other nutrients, chicken scores low on fat when compared to beef, lamb or pork.
Chicken breast is the best portion as it has the least of fat. But you may want to lose the skin as it is the main storehouse of the meat's fat.

Fishy protein

☛ What do you get when you combine protein with a myriad of health benefits? Fish! Loaded with protein and hardly any fat, non-fatty fish like haddock, cod, etc., are an excellent choice for a high protein and low fat diet plan.
But wait, there's more. All this while we have been talking about unhealthy fats that are found in meat and poultry. But fats that fish offer are actually healthy - heart healthy, to be more specific.
Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are known to help lower triglycerides, reduce inflammation and high blood pressure, improve brain function, and even bring down risk of cancer and arthritis. So if you think you should be a little lenient with your fat intake, then fatty fish is what you should go for.

What about the vegans?

☛ Vegetables when compared with meat products, are poor sources of protein. But soybeans are an exception here. These beans are the only plant source of protein that may be equivalent to animal protein.
With no cholesterol, and loaded with polyunsaturated fat (healthy fat), soybeans are the perfect choice for a vegetarian diet that demands high protein and low fat intake.
Although not as potent as soybeans, fava beans, lentils, kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, blackeyed beans, garbanzo beans, and lima beans also do a decent job in such a diet.
And to conclude, other low fat but high protein choices include low fat cottage cheese, low fat Greek yogurt, and whole grains. Cheers!