Honeycrisp Apple Calories

Honeycrisp Apple Calories

Honeycrisp apples are one of the most sought after apples, as they come with crisp and luscious texture. Honeycrisp apple calories and nutrition facts are presented in this article. Scroll down...
Honeycrisp is a relatively new variety of apples which was first introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1991. They were produced as hybrids. These are a cross between Macoun and Honey Gold apples. Macoun apples are produced by crossing McIntosh and Jersey Black apples. Though large in size, honeycrisp apples are super crisp and very juicy. You can experience their delightful and mildly aromatic flavor with just one bite.

Calories in Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apple QuantityCalories
1 Medium (237 g)80
1 Large (3½ inches in diameter) (8 oz.)116

Other Nutrition Facts

1 medium honeycrisp apple (154 g) contains:

Total carbohydrates22 g
Vitamin A2%
Vitamin C20%
Sugars17 g
Dietary Fiber5 g

Honeycrisp is a sweet-yet-tangy variety. The skin of honeycrisp apple is red with a yellowish background. These apples are roundly oblate in shape. The cream colored flesh of these apples is said to be well-balanced though somewhat sub-acidic. The sweet-but-mellow flavor and honey like aftertaste of the apples is their strong point. They are sweet and firm. So they are good for fresh eating and cooking as well. Actually they are known as 'all purpose' apples.

The apples do not lose their shape when baked. Their reddish-yellow skin turns light brown to brownish orange after baking. Honestly speaking, these apples should be eaten fresh. Their exclusively crispy texture and delicious, sweet but slightly tart flavor, both can be enjoyed when you eat them fresh. Everyone who eats these apples, adores them for their incredible juiciness. These apples are readily available in markets in the months of September and October.

Health Benefits

A banana usually contains 90-200 calories, depending upon the size. So, apples being low in calories, can be included even in weight loss diets. Apples can strengthen your bones. They can offer you smooth and glowing skin. They can delay the process of aging. Consumption of apples helps improve the health of people with diabetes in several ways. They help reduce bad cholesterol in your body.

Honeycrisp apples retain their texture and flavor when stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Though it is a relatively new type of apple, developed after crossing two popular cultivars, it has gained popularity in all parts of the world because of its exquisite taste and unique flesh. Taking into consideration essential nutrients and vitamins in apples, honeycrisp apple calories can be considered as healthy calories. These apples can be eaten fresh, can be added to salads or they can be used for fresh desserts.