How Much Fiber is in a Banana

Rohan Bhalerao Dec 10, 2018
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Are you wondering what is our daily fiber requirement and how much of it can you get from a banana? Eating a banana provides us the required fiber content. Let's see the details of the same.
Have you ever seen Rafael Nadal having a banana during the breaks in any match? The world number one tennis player doesn't depend upon canned juice or dry fruits to get his source of replenishment during a crucial match. Bananas help him feel fuller, alongside providing the required nourishment to cope with the energy loss and fluid draining from his body.
But, how do bananas help in this regard? The answer is, bananas contain fiber and many other nutrients, which have numerous health benefits not just for an athlete, but also for normal individuals like you and me. Let us see how much fiber is in a banana, and how it helps from the health point of view.

How Much Dietary Fiber is in a Banana

As we know, there are many health benefits of bananas, like preventing high blood pressure due the presence of potassium and sodium, helping to make stronger bones through absorption of calcium, and cheering up the mood due to the presence of tryptophan.
Along with these benefits, it is also a rich source of fiber. According to the dietary guidelines issued by United States Department of Agriculture, a person consuming 2000 calories per day should invariably have 28 grams of fiber in his/her diet.
The fiber content in a banana is about 3 grams. So, along with foods, like, oatmeal, lentils, and apples, fulfill your daily need of fiber with the help of bananas. It is the most easily available and fast-ripening fruit. Also, since it is sweet, it can be a good replacement for chocolates for growing children, if you are able to convince them to have one.

How Much Soluble Fiber is in a Banana

Soluble fiber (scientifically termed as pectin) helps to lower blood cholesterol levels by binding with the bile salts. This is present mostly in the interior fleshy part of the banana. About half of the fiber present in it is soluble fiber.
It means about 1.5 grams of soluble fiber in the fruit goes a long way in preventing heart diseases like atherosclerosis, and even keeps diabetes in check. Since we have understood how much fiber does a banana contain, let us see the actual benefits of the fruit in more detail.

Benefits of Banana Fiber

⥁ Banana makes us feel fuller without eating too much. Also, contrary to the popular belief that bananas increase weight, it can instead help an obese person to lose weight. But certainly, if you consume it in excess, the possibility of weight gain increases.
⥁ The fiber content in this fruit slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, so that the sugar is gradually released into the bloodstream, thus managing the glucose levels. This is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients.
⥁ The insoluble fiber in banana is indigestible, thus speeding the transit time of food through the body. It helps in preventing constipation, thus making the stools softer and easier to pass.
⥁ As the passage of food through the body is sped up, it prevents harmful substances from affecting the colon, thus protecting against colon cancer and related condition of diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.

Banana diets

There are two banana diet plans. In first plan, you can eat bananas proportionately, having one banana, each before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will maintain your fiber intake without making you feel too full.
On the other hand, in the second plan, you can have as many bananas as you like in your breakfast along with a glass of lukewarm water, thus bringing down your overall food intake for the day and providing the necessary fiber.
So, next time, if you are reluctant to have that banana, think of how this fiber can deliver the much required replenishment in adequate amounts with all the health benefits. Go, get yourself a banana and warn anybody who interrupts you while eating, as Ryan Stiles had warned, Never interrupt me when I'm eating a banana!