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How to Detoxify Liver Naturally

How to Detoxify Liver Naturally

Natural detox is a good head start for the detoxification of liver. A clean liver is the surest way of having a lifetime without worries.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Liver is an integral part of the human anatomy. This organ lies beneath the diaphragm, in the right abdominal cavity. The deep red organ is divided into four unequal lobes. The main function of the liver is to secrete substances that help in the breaking down of fats, convert glucose to glycogen, produce urea, amino acids and filter harmful substances like alcohol from blood. The liver is also responsible for producing 80% of cholesterol in our body. Habits like smoking and frequent alcohol consumption affect the liver adversely. In general, it is our lifestyle that affects the liver. The liver needs to perform well in order to have clean blood in the body.

Avoiding social drinking at parties is not always possible. Hangovers and a dry mouth are the visible side effects of drinking. Detoxification of liver helps in releasing all the toxins that settle in the body which gets stored as fat. These fats create a negative impact on the central nervous system and the brain. In addition, if these toxins keep circulating with the blood, they can also lead to many chronic illnesses.

Ways to Detoxify Your Liver
  • Self-help is the best way to detoxify liver naturally. The first thing that you can do is, change your diet. Fresh vegetables high in nutrition, lots of water, fruits and juices, are good for detox. Add lemon to your dishes, as the hydrochloric acid in lemon helps in protein digestion. Reduce eating fried items and try adding some steamed food in the menu, which is oil-free and healthy.
  • Caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods are all carriers of toxins. As far as possible, it is best to avoid them. You may be trying ways to detox your liver but outdoor dining is definitely ruining your detox plan. Additionally, the aforementioned food items keep hampering the liver functioning.
  • Food is just one part of detoxification. The other important factor is exercising and there are no two ways about it. Go out for a 15 - 20 minutes walk post meal. Remember that this is not brisk walking, but a walk at normal pace. This is only to help the process of digestion.
  • Liver flush is the most popular remedy for liver detox. This therapy flushes out all the toxins and fatty acids. The therapy involves doing light exercises and consuming herbal teas with liver flush mixtures. The liver flush mixture is a mixture made out of citrus juices, garlic and ginger juice with a tablespoon of olive oil. This detox plan is recommended for a period of ten days with a lot of fresh vegetables.
  • Going the natural way is the age-old reputed formula. The herb 'milk thistle' is the best herb for liver detox. It is known to have strengthening and healing powers pertaining to the liver. The antioxidant herb jettisons all the toxins, rejuvenating the liver and saving if from fatal damages.
A natural detox is the most effective way of cleansing the liver. After a natural head start, you can move on to herbs and pills as supplements. A clean and healthy liver will promise you a great life. After all, 'health is wealth' and what is the point if you have to spend all your wealth on your health by the end of your life?!