How to Increase Appetite

Charlie S Nov 20, 2018
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How to increase appetite naturally? Is this the nagging question in your head? If yes, then the ways to do it mentioned here will help you to a great extent.
Increasing appetite for food is extremely essential for those who wish to gain weight and keep up their weight during the course of their illness. By maintaining a good lifestyle and following the rules of eating food, you can increase your appetite naturally over a period of time. Read the mentioned suggestions and get help in increasing your appetite.

Ways to increase Appetite

The most appropriate way to increase appetite is by setting and following a proper time-table for eating food. You should absolutely avoid the wrong practices such as not eating anything for a long period of time or eating too much food at a given time.
You can eat multiple small meals instead of a single big meal to successfully increase your appetite. The quantity of food you eat each day also matters in your quest to increase your appetite. What you can do is increase the quantity of the food intake slowly and steadily and this will help you to increase your craving for food.
The inclusion of protein containing food items in your daily diet can definitely help you to increase your appetite for food as per the view of several nutritionists. Eating the foods which you like can also be an effective way of dealing with lost appetite for food.
The foods which supply the body with good amount of calories should also help you. Remember an effort to increase your means to encourage healthy eating and not fast food binging.
Consumption of herbs and natural supplements such as ginger, cloves, garlic, green tea, cardamom and pepper can help in this regard. Amalaki, skullcap and borage are also the herbs which can help.
Loss of appetite can be a side effect of cancer treatment in many people. For cancer patients, the doctors and nutritionists might suggest some drugs which can act as fast appetite stimulants. The intake of components such as olive oil, peanut butter and canola oil can also be recommended by the doctors to stimulate the appetite.
Ginger root and fenugreek are known to be the ideal appetite stimulants for children. Another wrong practice followed by people is to drink a lot of water in between the meals. On doing so, these people get a temporary feeling of fullness of stomach.
One should avoid drinking too much of water till one finishes eating the food. The same thing applies to beverages. Do not drink too much beverages before and during the meals, as they can never be a substitute for good quality food. Eating food which is very high in fiber should be avoided.
Proper and sufficient exercise is a must to make most use of the food ingested. Exercises such as cycling, jogging, walking and running can help to increase your overall body strength and increase your appetite for food.
Seek the help of a proper dietitian or nutritionist to cure your condition as only they can diagnose the cause of your low appetite and give you the necessary remedies. Do not eat indiscriminately, and exercise discipline for a few days to better your status.