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How to Make Carrot Juice

How to Make Carrot Juice

Need to know how to make carrot juice? The following article will give you some interesting ways and recipes to dole out some great concoctions for the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Carrot juice has always been the exercise freak's delight... or so you would think. But why confine it to a healthy drink that is touted as an after-exercise routine? Cause of the taste? You think just cause it is a health drink it can't taste good? There you would be sorely wrong. No, seriously. And you'll believe me when you try out some of the recipes that are mentioned in the following article. So if you need to know how to make carrot juice, you should start reading through some of the healthy carrot juice recipes mentioned below and then try them out. Not necessarily after an exercise session, but just about anytime of the day will be ideal.

Let's start off with the simplest recipe of them all that won't really take any rocket science to bring it forth, plus it makes for a really healthy recipe as well. One does not really need a juicer to make a glass of great carrot juice, one can do with a regular blender as well.

Fresh Carrot Juice Recipe
  • Take some fresh carrots and wash them well.
  • Some people prefer to peel the carrots before making carrot juice but that only means foregoing the nutrition that it offers. So if it's healthy carrot juice you want then you should stick with the peels.
  • Start out by washing and cutting off the edges of the carrots.
  • Next, cut carrots into smaller pieces and put them in a blender.
  • Add some water if the carrots are not moist.
  • Blend till you have a runny paste.
  • Run this through a strainer and collect the juice.
  • Add salt and sugar or honey (for a healthier option) and serve.
  • Drink as fresh as possible to get the maximum nutrition out of it.
This is the simplest recipe because it involves adding nothing extra to it.

Carrot Juice with Ginger

  • Carrots, 3-4
  • Ginger, 1 inch
  • Lemon, ½
  • Wash the carrots thoroughly and cut into small pieces.
  • Add to juicer or blender and blend well.
  • Add the ginger in chunks to the blender and blend well. (Some people do not like the pungent taste of ginger. You may want to go easy on this one.)
  • Add the lemon juice in and blend all together.
  • Enjoy chilled.
Caribbean Carrot Juice

  • Carrots, 3-4
  • Oranges, 3-4
  • Bananas, 1-2
  • Wash the carrots and oranges thoroughly and cut into small pieces.
  • Add to juicer or blender and blend well.
  • Chop the bananas into small pieces and add to the juice.
  • Blend till smooth.
  • Some prefer to add sugar or honey to get in a sweeter taste.
  • Enjoy chilled.
Rich Carrot Juice

  • Carrots, 2 pounds
  • Condensed milk, 1 can
  • Water, 3 cups
  • Vanilla flavoring, 2 tbs.
  • Nutmeg, 2 tbs.
  • Sugar, ¼ pound
  • Wash the carrots thoroughly and cut into small pieces.
  • Add to juicer or blender and blend until the juice comes about ¾th way up.
  • Add ½ cup of water and blend till the carrots turn into a puree.
  • Now, add the pulp to a large bowl, add 1 cup of water and squeeze through a strainer. Use a spatula to make sure that the juice is completely out.
  • Mix the condensed milk, sugar (according to taste), nutmeg, and vanilla to the pulp and mix well.
  • Add some more water according to your choice of consistency and pour into glasses.
  • Chill, or add ice cubes and serve cold.
And now that you know how to make carrot juice in different ways, make sure that you have a new recipe on your table every single day. See? Carrot juice can be fun too.
Lemon juice with juicer
Four carrots
Pitcher and glass cup with water
Ice cube tray
Sugar Bowl
Ground Nutmeg
Condensed milk in tin can
Stack of fresh clean carrots
Fresh carrot juice with juicer
Pair of bananas
Carrot juice with ginger root
Cut into squares pieces of carrot