How to Make Soy Milk from Soy Flour

Try homemade soy milk recipe using soy flour instead of purchasing it for serving in healthy breakfasts. Preparing soy milk from soy flour involves mixing soy flour with boiling water, simmering this mixture for some time and straining to collect soy milk. For more details on soy milk preparation, read on.
Apart from the regular dairy milk, many other milk varieties based on nuts and seeds are consumed popularly. Common plant milk products are those based on soybeans, peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds and coconut. The preference of soy milk (soymilk or soybean milk) over cow's milk may be because of reasons like lactose intolerance problem, being purely vegetarian or other health objectives. While you can purchase soy milk from the market, preparing soy milk using soy flour is a very easy recipe that you can try out at home. Take a look.
Tips for Making Soy Milk from Soy Flour
The classic method for preparing soy milk is based on already soaked, whole soybeans. Using a soy milk maker, they are grounded and pressed properly to extract juice. Pre-soaking beans for about 6 hours or more increases the amount of yield and taste. But, the fun part is, you can still prepare soy milk from soy flour without the hassles of soaking, grinding and pressing. Thus, you can enjoy instant, yet healthy soy milk by using soy flour. Here's how to make soy milk from soy flour with easy steps.
First Step: Choose Soy Flour
First select the type of soy flour that you can use in the recipe. In the market, you will come across two kinds of soy flour, full-fat soy flour and defatted soy flour. In the first type, natural oils and fatty substances of soybeans are retained in the flour, whereas they are removed at the time of processing in defatted soy flour. Choose the full-fat type for homemade soy milk recipe.
Second Step: Gather Materials
The second step for making soy milk is to gather the required ingredients and supplies, and keep them in a handy place. You will need full-fat soy flour (1 cup), potable water (3 cups), saucepan, wire whisk, colander, cheesecloth and bowls. If you would love to have flavored soy milk, you can use vanilla extract, honey, fresh fruits and your favorite flavorings that will complement your soy drink.
Third Step: Boil Water and Flour Mixture
Pour 3 cups water in a saucepan and heat it over the stove on medium-high heat setting. Cover lid to save time, and wait till water reaches boiling temperature. Now, remove lid and add full-fat soy flour gently from the side of the saucepan, while whisking continuously. Preferably, there should not be any clump formation. So, whisk constantly so that soy flour gets dispersed evenly in the boiling water.
Fourth Step: Thicken Soy Milk
Next, let the mixture simmer for 20-25 minutes. Adjust heat setting to low, and consider stirring occasionally. The mixture will thicken slightly. Continue to cook in low heat until you get the desired milk consistency for consumption. Nonetheless, if the soy milk concoction turns very thick, you can dilute by adding a small amount of boiled water.
Fifth Step: Strain Soy Milk
Hoping that the soy flour and water mixture is neither too thick nor too runny for consumption as milk, remove from heat. Line the colander with cheesecloth perfectly, and place it over a large bowl. The bowl should be big enough to hold the soy milk. Carefully pour the soy milk base in the cheesecloth lined colander. Allow liquid to strain properly and squeeze cloth to remove traces of soy milk.
You can directly serve soy milk or store it in a bottle having a lid and store it in the refrigerator. In case, you are serving many people, increase the soy flour and water quantities. A simple logic is to use 1 part flour with 3 parts water. Other than this method, there is not much to talk about different ways to make soy milk from soy flour. And if you happen to purchase soy milk packages, keep them chilled in the refrigerator. Once open, you are expected to consume it within 5 days for reaping maximum nutrition.