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How to Open a Coconut

How to Open a Coconut
Coconut is quite a hard and tough nut to crack. This article provides safe and easy ways of opening this fruit.
Suketu Mehta
You go to a store and purchase a coconut. You come home happily, thinking about eating its meat. But you always forget the most important thing. How do you open it? Dejected, you sit on your couch, switch on your television, and banish any thoughts of relishing this fruit.
Opening a Husked Coconut
  • The weakest points are indicated by dark indentations. You will find 2 - 3 dark spots normally at the end of a coconut.
  • Place the fruit in such a manner that the side showing these spots is facing upwards. Keep a nail on one of these points and drive it in by using a hammer. You may choose to drill either one or all the indentations, depending upon the size of your coconut.
  • Once you have made a hole, collect the water coming out of it in a container. If it's not draining out, then try making holes on the opposite side to let the air in it.
  • After this process is done, keep the fruit on a towel which should be large enough in size to wrap it completely.
  • Hold the hammer tightly and bang on it hard. 4 to 5 blows should be sufficient to crack it.
  • Unwrap the cloth, and by using a knife, peel off the meat which has been separated from the thick outer shell. Scrape away any noticeable outer layer from the meat.
If the coconut has grooves, it is even easier to open it. Instead of using a cloth, you can simply keep whacking it around the groove area with your hammer, until it splits wide open.
Opening a Green Coconut
  • Hold the fruit in such a way that the flat surface is facing upwards.
  • Take a sharp and pointed knife, and place it on this surface. Hit the back of the knife with a hammer, until you penetrate the shell.
  • Make this hole bigger and drain the water in a container.
  • Wrap it in a cloth or towel, keep it on a hard surface, and break it open with the help of a hammer.
Husking a Coconut
If this fruit has been purchased from a nearby grocery store or a supermarket, then the husk has already been removed. But if you happen to get one which has fallen from a tree and lying on the ground, and if you want to open it, then you first need to remove its husk.
In this method, it's important that you are comfortable in using sharp objects. Select a stick and hold it upright with the sharp end pointing upwards. Place the coconut on this spike and keep rotating it, until the husk gets separated from the shell and falls on the ground. You can make a hole in the shell with the help of such objects and drain out the water.
For all those who fear using pointed objects, there is another method. Hold the fruit in your hand in such a manner that its stem is facing down. Bang it on the ground as hard as you can, and make sure you smack it at a fair distance from your body, as it can rebound off the surface and hurt you. Keep repeating this process a few times, till the husk starts splitting away from several places. Holding the outer husk wedges, rip them off till the hard shell is visible. Be careful while undertaking this method.
Coconuts with leaves
Green coconut