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You CAN Satisfy Your Hunger Without Eating Too Much. Here's How To

How to Satisfy Your Hunger Without Eating Too Much
If you have a tendency of overeating frequently, you are bound to gain weight. Most overweight individuals eat till they are satisfied with their meals, which leads to overeating. But, there are ways you can satisfy your hunger without eating excessively.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Overeating is one of the major causes behind unwanted weight gain. People falling on the higher side of the weighing scale are often seen to have strong cravings for food at any time of the day. They keep on eating till they reach their satisfaction level. The thrust of reaching to a satisfactory level often pushes them towards overeating. Frequent overeating results in unwanted weight gain after which the person seeks measures for weight loss. For such individuals even weight loss programs do not help because their hunger becomes a major obstacle to losing weight. Such people should first learn to control their cravings and satisfy their hunger without excessive eating.
Eating lots of food
Quantity of Food
Decide how much you want to eat before actually eating your food. This will give you a clear picture about the quantity of food you should eat at once. Do not overeat because you will have leftovers. You can always enjoy eating the leftovers at some other time and save time and effort required for cooking.
Couple rushing breakfast
Pace of Eating
Do not rush while eating food. Take your time and eat slowly as this technique develops the feeling of fullness before your stomach is actually full. To gauge if you are full during a meal, take deep breaths in between. This draws your mind's attention towards your stomach, which will let you know if your stomach is full or not.
Family eating at dining table
The Dining Environment
Avoid watching television while eating because it causes distractions. Sit on a dining table so that you know what you are doing, and can concentrate on it. Create a pleasant dining environment so that the satisfaction of having a great dining experience leaves your hunger satisfied without overeating.
Woman smelling cake
Enjoy the Taste of Your Food
Inhale the aroma and enjoy the texture and taste of the food in the first few bites. You will thus enjoy the delicacy and feel extremely satisfied, which will reduce the tendency of overeating. If you overeat because you don't feel satisfied after eating foods you don't like, eat something that appeals to your mind, body and taste buds.
Pasta in plate
Eat What You Like First
Eating the best delicacy first will give you a sense of satisfaction. Start with the dish that seems more interesting to you than the rest. Eat when you begin feeling hungry. Waiting for too long before eating will make you eat more. Drink lots of water as it helps in reducing food cravings without adding calories to the body.
Happy friends having lunch
Manage Your Meal Portions
Take a break of one or two minutes between the meal and decide how much more you want to eat. Leave the table, the moment you feel you have satisfied your hunger. Sitting on the table even after finishing the meal increases the chances of adding a few more calories to your body. If you think you are full, get up from the table, but if you still feel hungry, continue eating till you are just full.
Food diary with measuring tape
Food Journal
Maintain a food journal so that you can keep a track of how much you are eating during the course of a day. By looking at your meal chart, you will know where you stand and this can also help you in monitoring your diet for weight loss programs.
Bowl of fruits
Kill the Hunger Monster
Many people who take up weight loss programs often include foods and herbs in their diet that are known to suppress hunger. Fruits, salads, beverages and certain vegetables are some of the natural hunger suppressants capable of curbing unnecessary food cravings. The key to satiate yourself is to eat healthy food in a healthy environment.