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Iodine Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Girija Shinde Jan 27, 2019
Looking for iodine rich foods for vegetarians? Search no further, as we will provide you with a list of foods that you can consume.
Iodine is a mineral which is mainly present in soil and saline water. So, the amount of iodine in vegetables depends on the amount of iodine present in the soil it is grown. That is why one has to depend mainly on the salt intake for iodine.
Another very good source of iodine is seafood, which is why regular intake of seafood is recommended to people who have a deficiency of the mineral. However, this source is useless for vegetarians. However, they need not worry as this nutrient is present in many other vegetarians foods as well.


There are many benefits or rather functions of iodine, the most important being the neat functioning of the thyroid gland. It helps in increasing the production of thyroid hormone, which in turn influences the metabolic rate. It also helps to maintain blood pressure, body weight, and body temperature.
It also helps to maintain shiny hair and teeth. Hair growth can also be restrained due to severe lack of iodine. One of the important factor contributing to protein synthesis is iodine. Energy levels are maintained by these minerals, as it helps in utilization of calories, thus preventing deposition of excessive fats.
Lack of iodine thus leads to loss of energy. Constantly being lethargic is one of the important symptom of deficiency.
One of the important uses is that it helps to remove toxic elements from the body, harmful elements like mercury, lead, fluoride, etc., are said to be flushed out of the body. The immune system is improved by this. Recent research has also proved that iodine has anti-cancer properties, as it is believed to shrink the cancer cells.
People suffering from fibrocystic diseases find relief when administered with the mineral, because it can suppress the condition of fibrosis. You must have heard about goiter disorder. Goiter is caused due to the deficiency of iodine, so the intake of iodine helps a great deal in healing for the enlarged thyroid gland.

List of Iodine Rich Foods

Condensed Milk


Jaffa Cakes

Cheddar Cheese

Sea Salt


Cooked Navy Beans


Yorkshire Pudding

Iodized Salt


Potato with Peel, Baked








Swiss Chard

Summer Squash

Malt Bread




Turnip Greens

Lima Beans



Naan Bread

The mentioned foods are the best sources of iodine for vegetarians. Now that you know all the side effects of iodine deficiency, start including all these foods in your daily diet. But do keep in mind, that too much of iodine can also cause problems, so have only the recommended dosage, and not less or more than that.