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Is Vitamin Water Good for You?

Nicks J May 10, 2019
Vitamin water is nothing but plain water fortified with vitamins. It is strongly marketed as a healthy drink that provides a good dose of vitamins. This write-up throws some light on the pros and cons of this commercial drinking water.
Vitamin water is a blend of plain water, vitamins and minerals. In plain water, essential nutrients are added to make it a healthy drink. However, it also contains fructose, which is nothing but processed sugar. With sugar component as part of this beverage, the effectiveness of this beverage comes into question from a health standpoint.

Is Vitamin Water Good for You

The answer to the question depends on what diet you are following. Vitamin water being high in sugar (crystallized fructose), people asked to follow a low sugar diet, simply cannot afford to have this water on a daily basis. A bottle of vitamin water is loaded with approximately 33 g of sugar.
Considering this data, it is not feasible to have this water everyday, especially for those put on a low sugar diet. Having a bottle of vitamin water occasionally is certainly the right way of enjoying this drink.
There is no doubt that vitamin C and vitamin B are present in moderate amounts in this water. However, the good taste of this water is due to artificial sweeteners. According to experts, too much consumption of artificial sweetener can have a negative impact on your health.
So be it kids or adults, it is certainly not a good option to have this beverage in excess amounts. Also, as sugar is added in this water to enhance the taste, calorie intake after drinking a bottle of vitamin water is also high.
So, when you quench your thirst with a bottle of vitamin water, as many as 124 calories and 32 g of sugar go into your body. Thus, with too much intake of this water and no exercise, it can make you obese.
As the beverage contains essential nutrients, it would be wrong to conclude that vitamin water isn't necessarily a health drink. However, considering its high calorific value and sugar content, drinking it often is not recommended.
On the other hand, due to the presence of essential nutrients, vitamin water has an edge over caffeinated, sugary soft, and energy drinks. Therefore, instead of soft drinks, buying a bottle of vitamin water is a better option.


Although this water contains essential nutrients, completely depending on this beverage to quench thirst would not be a good decision. Staying away from plain water and preferring to drink vitamin water is definitely not a good habit. Drinking plain water in sufficient amounts is the best way to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.
As mineral water also contains artificial sweeteners and other chemicals, it would not be wise to drink the entire bottle everyday. Pregnant women should prefer drinking plain water to quench thirst, rather than having vitamin water.
Too much consumption of vitamin water (multiple bottles) to fulfill nutritional requirements is certainly not a healthy way to prevent vitamin deficiency. Instead, having food high in vitamins daily is the solution to stay fit and fine. All in all, drinking vitamin water should be an occasional affair, not an everyday activity.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.