Menu for the Jenny Craig Program

Priya Johnson Dec 13, 2018
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People following the Jenny Craig weight loss program are supposed to eat food specially prepared by Jenny Craig incorporation. All this is done to control the amount of calorie intake and stimulate the necessary weight loss.
One of the largest and most popular weight loss programs in the world is the Jenny Craig weight loss program. In 1983, Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney Craig started the Jenny Craig weight management program in Melbourne, Australia.
This weight loss diet program revolves around the concept of eating the right kind of food in the right proportions, with moderate exercise to achieve the necessary weight loss.
The food to be consumed is provided by Jenny Craig themselves. While their menu comprised of about 15 food items when this weight loss program started off, today it comprises over 70 dry and frozen products.
The Jenny Craig weight loss program has tried to incorporate several flavors into their menu, so as to help their clients lose weight without sacrificing flavorful foods. Thus, a person on the Jenny Craig weight loss program need not give up tasty food to lose weight.

The Menu

The Jenny Craig menu comprises of several palatable food items including desserts, however, it does limit cholesterol, sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars. Moreover, the diet also includes fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products which a person is supposed to consume along with the food provided.
The menu will differ from one individual to another, depending on whether a person is having a planned menu, customized one, or is a vegan. Let's take a look at the general menu options for the day.


☛ Muffins
☛ Egg dishes
☛ Cold cereals
☛ Fruit and nut mini loaves
☛ Pancakes
☛ French toast
☛ Porridge (Apple, Peanut)
☛ Veggie sausages
☛ Breakfast beans
☛ Oat bars
☛ Vanilla milk
☛ Chocolate-flavored drink


Tortellini soup
☛ Chicken soup with croutons
☛ Vegetable or mushroom soup
☛ Fried rice
☛ Brown rice salad
☛ Chicken salad
☛ Tuna salad
☛ Rotini
☛ Beef stew
☛ Turkey burger
☛ Bean and cheese burrito
☛ Personal pizzas
☛ Pasta with sour cream and chives
☛ Stuffed sandwiches
☛ Broccoli & cheese baked potato
☛ Beef chow mein
☛ Beef pie
☛ Turkey club panini
☛ Satay noodles
☛ Lean minced beef sausage roll


☛ Spaghetti with meatballs
☛ Lasagna
☛ Meatloaf
☛ Chicken pasta
☛ Beef pasta
☛ Cheese ravioli
☛ Noodles
☛ Macaroni and cheese
☛ Beef casserole with pasta
☛ Vegetable potstickers
☛ Salisbury steak
☛ Fish and chips
☛ Crumbled fish and wedges
☛ Pizza
☛ Shepherd's pie
☛ Steak with pepper sauce
☛ Tuna pasta bake
☛ Tortellini
☛ Beef chili with beans

Desserts and Snacks

☛ Chocolate bars
☛ Brownie
☛ Lemon cakes
☛ Pretzels
☛ Chocolate chip and coffee cookies
☛ Cinnamon twists
☛ Mixed berry bites
☛ Veggie chips
☛ Popcorn
These food items have to be balanced by eating fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Most of these food items are ready to eat, with some that need microwaving before eating. They come in small portions designed in just enough quantities to keep one full but not overeat.
Intake of meal in small portions helps maintain the amount of calorie intake and lose weight in the long run. Unlike starvation or fad diets, this diet plan does not cut down on food intake, instead, just restricts the kind and amount of food consumed.
This menu is not limited to just the listed items. There are many more mentioned on the company's website. You can use the menu planner on Jenny Craig's official website to track the amount of calorie intake each day. It also helps keep a tab on your eating schedule and helps track your progress.
Jenny Craig weight loss program provides consultation for healthy cooking techniques. To avail this diet menu, one has to register with Jenny Craig weight loss program online. It's an effective program to lose weight without giving up on your favorite foods. You can try a sample to see if it works. The cost depends on the type of plan chosen. All the best!
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