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Benefits of Lemon Juice You Never Knew About

Rajib Singha Nov 8, 2018
Lemon juice does not stop at just boosting the immune system. There are several other benefits of having this tangy fruit as a part of your diet. Here's a read about what these benefits are.

Sea lemon

Lemons have a group of sea slugs named after them. They are known as sea lemons. Their deep yellow to burnt orange color, roughened skin texture, and oval shaped bodies make them look like lemons. All you have to do is squeeze some freshly cut lemons into water and voila! You have a healthy lemon juice ready.
Lemon is particularly known for its richness in vitamin C - a potent antioxidant. Scientists have also found unique flavonoid compounds in the fruit which not only have antioxidant but anti-cancer properties as well. Furthermore, this zesty fruit scores low in calories and high in potassium. Now speaking of lemon juice, it is good...

...for upset stomach

Most of the time, upset stomach is about diarrhea or constipation. Such problems make you feel rotten for an entire day and mess up your daily schedule. So here's what you can do to deal with such problems. Get a glass of distilled warm water, squeeze half a lemon in it and 1 teaspoon of honey. Stir and drink the juice on an empty stomach. See, no sweat!

...for liver

Given the property of lemon to flush out toxins and harmful substances form the body, it improves liver function. Lemon also helps in the production of bile which is needed to break down lipids and fats. So people whose diet mainly comprises animal fats, can benefit greatly from lemon juice.

...for dealing with infections

Lemon juice is used for infections like cold, flu and even swine flu. The powerful antioxidant property of lemon strengthens the immune system and this reduces time and length of such infections.
Dilute lemon juice may also help treat urinary tract infections; not in a direct manner though. Lemon increases urination, and this in turn may help flush out bacteria and promote healing.

...for skin

As lemon helps get rid of toxins, it makes way for healthier skin. Most people use lemon juice to lighten their skin or reduce dark spots.
There are many ways of doing it; here is a couple of them:
  • Mix equal parts of lemon juice and water, and fill it in a spray bottle. Simply spray the solution on your skin.
  • Make a mix using lemon juice, honey, and water in equal proportions. Wash your face with it, and rinse.
Caution: Since lemon is acidic, it may risk sunburn in people with light skin. So it is advised not to expose your skin to the sun after applying lemon juice. Also, avoid spraying the juice on cuts or bruises. Rubbing a lemon rind on your face may not be a good idea. Instead use a cotton ball to apply the juice on your face.

...for people with hypertension

People whose diet lacks potassium may risk themselves to high blood pressure, which in turn may be responsible for heart problems, and stroke. Lemon is rich in potassium, and it may help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Lemon juice is also used...

  • ...for cleaning nails to make them bright and stronger
  • ...as a food preservative
  • ...for repelling odor
  • ...as an insect repellent
  • ...as a glass cleaner
  • ...as a stain remover
  • ...for relieving sore throat
  • ...as a head massage to get rid of dandruff
  • ...as a metal cleaner
  • ...for treating skin rash like those caused by poison ivy and the like
  • ...for bringing down hangover

What about weight loss?

You may what's the "Lemonade Diet". This diet plan touts lemon to be an effective weight loss agent. It allows consumption of nothing more than lemon juice (mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper), claims to help people lose 20 pounds in just a matter of 10 days. And most people who have actually followed this diet plan have reported rapid weight loss.

But could it be real weight loss?

Experts at the American Dietetic Association, however, do not second the need to follow such an extreme weight loss diet. According to them, the fact that such diets help detoxify the body and stimulate weight loss is not clinically proven.
In fact, the body is equipped enough to purge itself naturally. And the weight loss that is usually evident after following the Lemonade Diet is merely loss in muscle tissue and water weight, and not loss in fat. So at the end of the diet people are lower in muscle tissues and higher in fat.
Furthermore, such weight loss diets are likely to backfire. This is because, dieters resort to binge eating after undergoing such extremely restrictive diets. So when it comes to shedding off those extra pounds, the word is "regular exercise and a healthy diet".
Expecting mothers must avoid consuming lemon juice in large amounts. Although it is not known whether it affects the fetus, it is better to err on the side of caution.
Disclaimer: The provided information is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a nutrition expert.