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The Incredible Benefits of Lemon Tea - The Elixir of Good Health

Lemon Tea Benefits
Lemon tea is a very refreshing and invigorating drink to consume, and it carries various advantages for the human body. It won't be wrong if we call it an elixir of good health of this modern-day.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Did You Know?
Tea is a perfect way to get rid of any bad smell from your hands. Simply pour some tea (mind you not piping hot!) on your hands, and rinse with water to leave your hands odorless and fresh.
Tea is amongst the most preferred drinks around the world. While the basic method of preparing tea hasn't changed a whole lot, each region seems to have its own way of adding more flavor to this drink. One of the most popular preparations among these is lemon tea. Its popularity has mainly to do with the easy availability of lemons around most parts of the world, and the many health benefits attached to it. This coupled with tea, which already is a great energizing drink, makes for a perfect blend. The benefits of this concoction are many and varied. In comparison with soda or coffee, tea carries a lot more health benefits, and lemon is also known as nature's antiseptic.

The methods of taking tea have evolved over many years, and different countries have developed their own preferences. Russia is one of the countries that absolutely loves lemon tea, and the origins of this can be traced back to the arrival of tea with fruits in it from China. The Chinese have since moved on to other variants of tea, but it stuck with the Russians.
When you squeeze a bit of lemon juice into your tea, you will immediately notice a drastic change in color. This effect is known as the bathochromic shift, and it makes the tea taste a lot better than before. Along with lemon juice, some other ingredients like ginger and honey can also be added to the mixture. All these ingredients help improve the taste of the drink, and bring in their own characteristic benefits.
Benefits Galore!
There are various benefits of lemon tea, and most of these are centered around cleansing the human body systems. Lemon tea acts as a purifying agent, and helps resolve a lot of health problems that may arise. The best time to drink tea is in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Doing so, freshens you up for the rest of the day, and improves your metabolic rate considerably. Lemon tea makes for a great drink, 'cos it can be served hot on a freezing day, or it can make for the perfect ice-cooled drink to beat the heat. It can almost instantly transform your mood, and helps fight fatigue and stress. Apart from these, some other well-known benefits of lemon tea are mentioned below.
◾ Lemon tea for Mental Freshness
It helps in clearing out the toxins in the blood. This in turn gets you to rid yourself of stress, and helps keep you active.
◾ Lemon tea as Blood Cleanser
It helps clean up the various body systems, and clears up the skin due to the flushing out of the toxins.
◾ Lemon tea Prevents Cancer
Lemon is very rich in Vitamin C, and is a strong natural antioxidant, which helps to neutralize free radicals. This same reason implies that the risk of cancer is lesser in an individual who regularly consumes lemon tea. There is not much medical proof and analysis to substantiate this claim, but it wouldn't be much of a surprise if it were actually true.
◾ Lemon tea as Cleansing Agent
It also plays a stabilizing role in the digestive system of a person, and helps clear it out.
◾ Lemon tea as Antiseptic Agent
Lemon tea acts as an antiseptic and helps prevent various infections and illnesses.
All these benefits aside, just the great taste of this drink makes it a favorite amongst people the world over. Here's one of the few times when you would have your doctor say 'Drink yourself to good health'. Enjoy your tea.