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Lesser-known Benefits of Lime Juice

Loveleena Rajeev Nov 4, 2018
Lime is extensively mentioned in ancient Indian and Chinese medicinal texts. The rind, flesh, seeds, and lime juice, all have curative as well as healing properties. To know more about its various health benefits, read on.
The fresh, citrus flavor and fragrance of a lime can be very rejuvenating. Limes have originated from the Himalayan region of India, Asia. They are typically round or oval, around three to six cm in diameter, and green to yellow in color, depending upon their variety and ripeness.
The rind as well as the flesh is sour, sweet, and mostly acidic. There are many benefits that one can derive from this fruit which is grown all year round. They are usually sweeter than lemons, and hence, are more in demand.

Health Benefits of Lime Juice

☛ It has abundant quantities of vitamin C, and hence is used to cure scurvy (deficiency of vitamin C).
☛ It contains flavonoids, which facilitate the healing of oral wounds, ulcers, and other gingival problems.
☛ Its vitamin C content, antioxidant , and anti-bacterial properties, help to protect the eyes from aging, infections, and macular degeneration.
☛ Accumulation of excess uric acid leads to arthritis, but the citric acid of limes help in dissolving and eliminating the uric acid and inflammation, thereby helping to treat arthritis.
☛ It detoxifies the free radicals and toxins from the body, in turn treating and preventing gout.
☛ The healing properties of limes, cure the ulcers and wounds in the gastrointestinal tract, and helps relieve constipation. This in turn prevents the occurrence of piles, which eventually may cause colorectal cancer
☛ High vitamin C content of lime juice exhibits analgesic properties, and hence, reduces body temperature in case of fever.
☛ The vitamin C content also helps in treating common cold and other such afflictions.
☛ The flavonoids contained in it, stimulate digestion, and increases the production of digestive juices, bile, and acids.
☛ It is refreshing, and helps alleviate dehydration by restoring the body's electrolyte balance and water content. It also aids in treating vomiting, nausea, and fatigue.
Cystitis is an inflammation of urinary bladder, also known as a urinary tract infection (UTI), and is either caused due to hygiene issues or as an allergic reaction to drugs or radiation therapy. The high potassium content of lime helps to reduce toxic substances deposited in kidneys and urinary bladder.
Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the inner lining of your esophagus, stomach and/or upper small intestine, causing abdominal pain. The acid in lime causes an alkaline reaction in the system, reducing gastric acidity.
☛ Limes are rich in soluble fibers, which lower the levels of LDL cholesterol. Along with this, it also helps in repairing the blood vessels, thereby reducing the chances of cardiovascular problems.
☛ Due to its anti-oxidant property and low calorie content, it is quite effective at aiding weight loss.
☛ It contains calcium and folate, which aid and ease the menstruation related problems in women.
☛ It prevents the formation of kidney or gallstones, due to the presence of citric acid.
☛ It has been observed to exhibit anti-cancer properties. The exact working mechanism, however, is yet to be elucidated.

Other Benefits

It reduces and lightens dark spots on the skin.
☛It keeps acne and pimples at bay due to its anti-bacterial and acidic properties.
☛ It reduces hyper-pigmentation and creasing of facial skin, thereby exhibiting an anti-aging effect.

☛ Its acidic and astringent nature helps clean out the facial pores, and results in a brighter complexion.
☛ Acidic nature gets rid of dead cells accumulated on the skin.
☛ When applied on hair, it gets rid of dandruff, reduces scalp oil, promotes hair growth, and makes hair shiny.
Apart from these benefits, some other benefits include; rubbing lime juice on mosquito bites relieves irritation, eliminates odor, helps clean brass and silver, can be added in room fresheners, clears out calcium deposits, adds sparkle to glass ware, etc,.
The benefits are plenty, use it for health or household cleaning purposes, the humble lime will always provide excellent results.