Low-fat Diet Plan

Ashlesha Bhondwe Mar 24, 2019
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Following a low-fat diet is a good way to stay fit and healthy in the long run. To help you get started with this diet, we have compiled a sample diet plan along with a few important tips. Take a look.
With the fast pace of life, junk food is all we can get a hold on. These heavily fried foods have a lot of fats. A diet consisting of intolerable amounts of fats is extremely unhealthy.
Also, after certain surgeries and treatment procedures, your diet needs to be low in fats. Such a diet is quite helpful in shedding those extra pounds as well. Here is a diet plan for all those looking to shed some pounds and get that perfect shape.

Low-fat Diet

Such a diet plan is beneficial for your heart, as it helps in regulation of ideal cholesterol levels. Not all fats are bad. It's particularly trans fats that are hazardous to health. These metabolize to form low density lipids and very low density lipids, which are known as bad fats, and lead to fat deposition in blood vessels.
This diet is not something that will completely exclude fats from your diet. A certain amount of fats are necessary, as they are a source of energy, and vitamins like A, D, E, and K require fats for solubility and absorption into the circulatory system.

Sample Diet Plan

The menu of this diet should be such that, the daily calorie intake stays within the range of 1500-1700 calories. Here is a 1700 calories plan that will help you in eating healthily.
This meal must contain fruits such as, 1 banana, 1 wheat bagel, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 1 cup of fat-free milk. This meal has around 500 calories, which leaves you with a balance of 1200 calories for the rest of the day.
If you are someone, who eats between meals, there are a few healthy foods that you can munch on.
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Watercress
Lunch and dinner must consist of high protein and low-fat foods. A flour tortilla with 1 tablespoon of mustard, 2 oz. sliced turkey, lettuce, and fat shredded sharp cheddar cheese.
You could also have some chopped and boiled vegetables with low-calorie ranch dressing. A glass of orange juice (fortified with calcium) completes your meal.
A flounder or white fish, that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. You can bake these and top them with tomatoes. 2 cups of broccoli (steamed) is a good plan for dinner. You could also have brown rice or pasta for dinner.

Tips for Diet

The diet plan must contain fats, such that they form only 30% of the total calorie intake. Thus, if you have a 2000 calorie intake, the fat can only constitute 600 calories that is around 66.6 gm of fats.
The amount of saturated fats must be very low, around 6.6 gm. If you do intend to eat outside, make sure your destination is the salad bar. For entrees, always choose from baked, roasted, and boiled dishes.
The low-fat diet is slightly different for women as compared to men. The difference mainly lies in the amount of daily calorie consumption. Women have a lower calorie intake than men. If you have suffered from pancreatitis or gallstones, then a diet plan for gallbladder problems is recommended by nutritionists.
Always take a dietitian's opinion in case of medical conditions. You must have an idea about low-fat food recipes, if you are going to follow a strict diet regime. The amount of nutrition required for a recovery from any disease may differ from a normal diet.
Apart from diet, it is necessary that you also exercise regularly. Following a diet can only be a part required to complete a full cycle to attain complete fitness.
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