Low Sodium Diet Plan

Charlie S Mar 20, 2019
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Low sodium diet plans have been declared to be the best for health by many nutritionists and doctors. Let us know more about these meal plans in this write-up.
It's a common experience that many people give up low sodium diet plans halfway, as they find it very difficult to follow it. However, if you plan what to eat, how much to eat and at what time to eat, you would definitely benefit from the low sodium diet menu. Given here are some important aspects of a low sodium diet plan, which you should be well aware of.

Important Aspects

You can have protein giving foods such as meat, milk, eggs, peas poultry and fish. As per the data given by the nutritionists, a low sodium diet should have an intake of sodium in the range of two thousand and three thousand milligrams of sodium in a single day.
The best type diet is the DASH diet which provides all the essential nutrients to the body. Let us know more about this diet in details.

What is a DASH Diet?

DASH diet is a diet which has proved to be very effective in controlling hypertension. The striking feature of this diet is the restricted intake of sodium. In the DASH diet, the foods which are highly recommended are fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish, nuts and whole grains.
The foods which are to be strictly avoided in the DASH diet are sugar and red meat and the sweets. Oatmeal, cereals and whole meal bread and whole grains can be a part of this diet and should ideally have six servings.
Walnuts, sunflower seeds, lentils and almonds are also included in this diet plan and they fulfill the proteins, fiber and magnesium requirements of the body. Among the oils, the canola and olive oils are included in this diet plan.
In case of adults, this is a fantastic diet plan which can help them limit the sodium intake to two thousand three hundred milligrams in a day.

Diet Plan


If you are wondering what should be eaten at breakfast, then here is the answer - you can have cereals, toast, a fruit in the form of oranges and a beverage like coffee or tea.
For your breakfast, your nutritionist might suggest you to eat mushrooms, red peppers, eggs, shredded mozzarella and green peppers.


For your lunch, eating salads, chicken which has been grilled and vinegar would be a good idea. However, you should have the knowledge of those salads which are high in sodium content and strictly avoid them.


For your dinner, you can again have mushrooms, pasta, onions and garlic for good nourishment.
This diet plan can also include yogurt, cream cheese, rice, pasta and fries for the snacks. You should include those fruits, juices of fruits and vegetables which have very less amount of sodium in them. You can include fatty food items in your diet, but you should make sure that the fat is not in excess.
The diet plan should contain those foods, which are high in their fiber content and are good enough to supply your body with around thirty grams of fiber in a single day. The foods which can give you necessary fiber amounts are rice, cereals, food items made up of whole grains, legumes, peas and beans.
The cholesterol and the blood glucose levels in the body can be controlled by adequate intake of fibers. Some other food products, which can be a part of this diet are mustard, sugar, vinegar, butter, oil, spicy substances, margarine and even herbs.
For this diet to be a success, you should not include those foods which are not recommended by your dietitian. A good idea would be to use dried beans which have been properly rinsed instead of the canned beans. Another useful suggestion would be to restrict the intake of ham and bacon, which are actually the salted meats.
Foods high in sodium, such as sausages and certain kinds of preservatives, should be avoided. In this plan, there is no place for the cereals which contain sodium in very high quantities. These diets are known to be very effective for dealing with serious problems such as hypertension and diseases and disorders related to the human heart like heart attacks.
Diets which have a low sodium content are very useful in the task of regulation of the fluids of the body. However, you should remember that any diet plan needs time to show results and the same thing is true in the case of this one.
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