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Information About Magnetic Water

Consuming of magnetic water has said to provide several health benefits. It's just water having magnetic properties. Is it possible to magnetize water?
Kundan Pandey Feb 11, 2019
There are numerous benefits of drinking water, and it is crucial for a healthy digestive system, lymphatic system, skin, muscles, and regulation of body temperature. About 70% of the human body consists of water and hence, it is an elixir for life.
If you closely follow the current developments in the science field, you must have come across information regarding 'magnetic water'. There have been many debates and speculation about its origin, effectiveness, and if it is really possible to make such type of water at home.
Certainly, there are scientific reasons behind the efforts of researchers who are trying to impart magnetic properties to water.

Is it Possible to Magnetize Water?

Medical researchers point out a basic fact that drinking at least 2―3 liters of water daily is a very healthy habit. Magnets, just like water, have been used since ages for treatment of ailments and healing process. It is made by combining the chemical properties of drinking water and magnets to heal diseases and improve overall functioning of human body.

How is Magnetization of Water Achieved?

We all know that every object exhibits some magnetism. Water is classified as a paramagnetic substance, which means that it owns some magnetic charge. Paramagnetism, stated simply, is virtue of a substance due to which either some or all atoms, ions, and molecules of the substance inherit a permanent magnetic dipole moment.
'Dipole moment' is nothing but a measure of polarity of a polar bond. Moreover, water molecules are dipolar, meaning that they have an inherent tendency to attract each other. In living beings, water molecules go through several changes and get ionized due to their polarity.
A study that was conducted to know the effects of magnets on water proved that water occupies magnetic properties if it is kept in proximity to magnets. Besides this, owing to the unique structure of water molecule, it is easily possible to create magnetic properties in water.

Purported Health Benefits

  • Some people claim that water conditioning with magnets helps in reduction of problems caused due to hard water.
  • Doctors have claimed that magnetic water is a great energy booster, and it helps in detoxing and cleansing body waste.
  • Many people experiencing arthritis pain and urinary bladder problems have claimed to benefit from the healing effects of magnetized water.
  • Some of the claims that have made it very popular are related to its good taste and its increased alkalinity in comparison to normal water.
  • It also has therapeutic effects in case of burns, cuts, or wounds.
  • Its molecules have been found to have positive effects on the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Drinking magnetized water over a period of time helps reduce kidney stones, gall bladder stones, and problems related to the liver, digestive system, and indigestion.
  • It reduces acidity and helps in regulating the body's pH levels.
Nowadays, there are special wands being manufactured that you can keep in water and magnetize it within 15―20 minutes! To make magnetized water at home, you simply have to place bottled water on a magnetic bar and leave it undisturbed for 2-3 days so that it occupies the properties of a magnet.
Going by these properties and benefits, the concept of water being magnetized does seem a great possibility! But how healthy it is to us can only be determined after thorough scientific research as there aren't any concrete facts or evidence about how well magnetic water works.
Disclaimer: This item is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.