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Calories in Miso Soup

Puja Lalwani Feb 9, 2019
If you have been worrying about the calories in miso soup, stop now. Not only are they minimal, miso soup also has several health benefits to offer. Find out all about the calories in, and the health benefits of miso soup.
Miso is mainly a fermented paste made from soybeans that has a salty flavor and a buttery texture. Not only soybeans, miso is now also made from a variety of other sources such as barley, rice and wheat.
What originated in Japan as a popular ingredient in different types of meals, is now also becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Miso may vary in color from white to brown. The lighter varieties of miso are less salty, but the darker  are rich in flavors.
Traditional miso soup made this food popular. This mild, light soup, that has a broth like texture is prepared by adding tofu, scallions, fish, seaweed, and mushrooms.
These add to the many health benefits that miso soup is already enriched with. Moreover, the calories in this delicious soup are low and healthy.


1 cup of miso soup contains 84 calories.

The calories may vary depending on the ingredients added to it. For instance, mushrooms, seaweed, tofu, fish, clams, spinach, garlic, carrots, etc. will increase the calorie count of this soup. These however are healthy calories, and you needn't worry about them. They contain minimal traces of fat.

Nutritional Benefits

Miso is a rich source of vitamin B12, that is missing from a vegan's diet. It is therefore a great source of this vitamin for vegans. Furthermore, it has high sodium levels, and can in fact, be used as a substitute for salt in your food. (You must be careful however, as excess sodium may cause bloating and discomfort.)
Trace minerals such as copper, zinc and manganese are also present in high amounts in miso soup. Lastly, having been made from soybeans, the high amounts of proteins it contains cannot be overlooked.
With this rich nutrient profile, you can attain some great health benefits by consuming it.
  • Carbohydrate - 7.78g
  • Fat - 3.36g
  • Protein - 6.02g
  • Sodium - 998mg
  • Potassium - 367mg
  • The consumption of miso soup strengthens the body's immune system, as it's rich in antioxidants that help in eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Also, zinc present in miso is an important nutrient that aids this benefit of good immune function.
  • Miso soup also helps in boosting energy levels. This is because of the presence of copper and manganese in it.
  • The presence of copper in miso also helps in keeping the bones and joints healthy.
  • Iron in the soup works along with copper to keep the hemoglobin levels in check, and helps aid the passage of oxygen throughout the body through the blood stream.
  • Studies have shown that the consumption of miso prepared from soybeans can also help in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Soy has the capacity to delay the occurrence of diseases, a benefit which can be availed by having a bowl of miso soup. These studies however, still require in-depth research.
Though it is extremely healthy, nutritionists argue that the high levels of sodium in it can prove harmful over time. Thus, the its consumption should be suitably regulated. However, the its advantage should be taken because of all the other benefits it provides, and with the calories in miso soup being so low, why not relish it without feeling guilty?
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for the advice of an expert.