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Most Fattening Foods

Shashank Nakate Apr 21, 2019
This write-up presents before us a comprehensive list of most fattening foods. One should control the consumption of these in order to maintain fats at a healthier level in the body.
Before discussing the topic of fattening foods, it is necessary to understand that not all eatables should be avoided completely, as some of the foods lead to a healthy body if consumed in moderation. This is because our body, just like other nutrients, also needs fats for lubrication and smooth functioning of the system.
However, there are a few food items, like soda-based drinks, which can be completely avoided. They serve no health benefits and contain empty calories that give a temporary high. The list presented here should help in identifying the foods that increase fats levels and are harmful for the health.

Ice Cream

Ice creams are known to contain a huge amount of fats, which should make us think twice about consuming them. Around 250-350 calories are provided by a single ice cream scoop. Add-ons like nuts, fudge, whipped cream, etc., raise the level to more than 1000 calories.


It is one of the most energy-dense foods that lead to increase in fat levels of the body. Chocolates are known to contain 2,200 kJ/100gm, which is much higher for the weight of chocolate in comparison to other foods. Eating them regularly can lead to weight gain and obesity.


It is amongst the most fattening food items in America due to the inclusion of cheese-based fast foods, like burger and pizza, in the diet. It is very hard to digest and sticks to the walls of intestines, resulting into health problems like bloating. Fat storage in the body also rises with increase in consumption of cheese.


If one is aware of the term beer belly, he/she must also have an idea about how beer affects fat levels in the body.
Beer has a high sugar content, which increases the fat levels. It's no wonder then that people who are habitual beer consumers develop a beer belly.

Mayonnaise Salads

The consumption of mayonnaise can raise fat levels in the body considerably, as it is made from ingredients such as egg whites, oil, and other fats.
This food is more fat inducing than most of the other foods discussed in this list. It is quite surprising then that majority of people do not even consider mayonnaise as a food with high fat content.

Fried Foods

Fried foods, like French fries, are known to have a high fat content. The basic ingredient used in preparation of French fries is potatoes, which are responsible for increase in the fat content.
On top of that, these fatty foods are loaded with oil, which makes them the worst food item in case one is concerned about reducing body fat. There are many other fried foods that have the same ingredients. One should, therefore, be careful in deciding the inclusion of fried foods in diet.

Cream-based Soups

Cream-based soups contain high amount of fats due to the inclusion of cream while cooking them.
It is a general perception that soups are healthy and nutritious foods, and the inclusion of salads in soups definitely makes them healthy foods. However, those with cream are fattening and unhealthy.


The drinks with soda contain high amount of sugar, and are responsible for increase in body fat levels. Beverages with soda not only lead to fat storage, but also provide a temporary high in terms of energy. The empty calories of soda drinks are of no use to the body.
The food items discussed here need to be consumed in a controlled manner. As stated earlier, fats are necessary for the proper functioning of the body systems. However, over consumption can lead to problems like obesity and related health ailments.