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No-carb Snacks for Guilt-Free Munching

Aparna Jadhav Nov 24, 2018
Be it losing the extra pounds, or controlling the eating habits due to diabetes, heart problems, food restrictions, especially carb restrictions, are something one must abide by. Here are some no-carb snacks to save you from eating the same snacks again and again.
Even though there are many side effects of carbohydrates on our body (if consumed excessively), it is still one of the major nutrients required for survival. Determining ideal carbohydrate intake level is a key to healthy life for those who are obese and diabetic. It's needless to restrict carbohydrates in your diet, unless you are advised to do so.
You can resort to a low-carb diet which will provide you safe amount of carbs, without any guilt of overconsumption. One effective way of minimizing carbs intake is to consume healthy snacks in between the main meals. The following sections will give you some good ideas for snacks with almost zero carbohydrate content.

List of Snacks with Almost No Carbs

The main ingredients needed for these snacks would mainly include eggs, meat, cheese, and fish. You would want to experiment with various spices, sauces, and healthy salad dressings to bring in a delectable variation in these snacks. Also, shuffling between cooking methods such as boiling, sautéing, and grilling would give these snacks interesting textures.
Before we move on to the list, it is important to note that there is nothing known as "no-carbs". Any dish you make using ingredient like eggs, vegetables, spices―will contain some amounts of carbs, however, their % daily value should be 0 percent.
✛ Deviled eggs, you may remove the yolk and fill the space with spiced tuna or chicken
✛ Chicken cubes
✛ Parmesan cheese cubes
✛ Pork rind
✛ Deviled ham
✛ Bacon
✛ Hard-boiled eggs
✛ Cucumber slices with hummus
✛ Milk with 5-6 almonds
✛ Nuts such as walnuts, macadamia nuts, and brazil nuts
✛ Chicken strips seasoned with spices such as paprika, coriander, and garlic powder
✛ Pepperoni and cheese
✛ Turkey pepperoni
✛ Nonfat/Greek yogurt
✛ Coffee with cinnamon as a drink
✛ Deli meat
✛ Green beans cooked and cooled with lemon juice
✛ Rotisserie chicken
✛ Sautéed spinach pickles
✛ Beef jerky
✛ String cheese
✛ Egg salad
✛ Spiced tuna wrapped in spinach
✛ Turkey slices with cheese
✛ Skim mozzarella cheese stick
✛ Sautéed shrimp
✛ Homemade fish sticks
✛ Tofu cubes
✛ Boiled chicken shreds with melted cheese, black pepper, and very little salt
✛ Grilled fish cubes
✛ Parmesan crisps
This list should give you an idea in terms of the foods to select while on a carbohydrate-free snacking regimen. You need to stick to meats, eggs, seafood, and the like, preferably, organic ones. Many diets, such as Atkins and Paleo, encourage fitness fanatics to stay on a low-carb diet, to get into the right shape.
The whole point of restricting carb intake, is the fact that the body should start using already stored fats for energy. When the supply of carbs will be restricted, the body will start using fat deposits for energy, thereby aiding weight loss and helping you to get in shape.
Along with the diet, it is also important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle to be 'fit' in the true sense. Before following any sort of diet restrictions, it is strictly advisable to check with a physician, if possible, especially if you are diabetic. Usually, a dietitian gives a well-planned diet for diabetics, or even for weight loss candidates.
While strict restrictions may give quicker results in losing weight, one must ensure that it should prove to be healthy and fruitful in the long run as well. Happy snacking!
Disclaimer: The information provided here does not, in any way, attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.