No Flour No Sugar Diet Food List

Rutuja Jathar Feb 10, 2019
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If you want to follow the no flour no sugar diet, then you must get to know the food list for the same! Read on to know more about the no flour, no sugar diet plan and the foods to avoid for it.
There is no dearth of the weight loss diets that promise you a quick weight loss. However, there are only a few that offer you a healthy weight loss. Despite this fact, people keep on searching for the most innovative weight loss diets that have the quick and healthy effects. One of such well acclaimed weight loss diets is the No Flour & No Sugar Diet.
This diet program is created and promoted by the well-known nutritionist and columnist Dr. Peter Gott. According to Dr. Gott, this is one of the most inexpensive and the simplest diet plans. In order to follow this diet plan, the dieter only needs to eliminate all the foods that contain sugar and refined flour.
Hence, if a person consumes foods that are free from refined flour and sugar in all its forms; he can successfully lose a significant amount of weight. Now, you may also want to find out about the foods that contain flour and sugar that should be avoided from the daily diet for a healthy no flour no sugar diet.

No Flour No Sugar Diet Plan

According to Dr. Gott, foods that are mentioned in his no-flour no-sugar diet food list contain high amount of empty calories or useless calories. Hence, the dieter must completely avoid them while following this diet. One might think that all these foods contain the essential carbohydrates and how is their elimination going to assist a healthy weight loss?
Well, all the foods that are given in this food list contain simple carbohydrates that get easily converted into sugar. Due to the same fact, these foods get easily digested and the person feels hungry on a frequent basis. It makes him to eat frequently and increase the calorie consumption.
Avoiding all such foods will promote consumption of healthy carbohydrates which are called complex carbohydrates. This diet plan will help the dieter to control various health conditions like high blood glucose levels or diabetes and cholesterol levels.
Interestingly, all the types of fruits are to be consumed because, although fruits contain simple carbohydrates, they also contain fibers that slow down the process of carb digestion and promote general digestion and metabolism resulting in healthy weight loss.
Which are the foods that are allowed to eat then? Well, all the rest of the foods like lean meats, dairy products, legumes and beans, and a variety of other foods like various types of fruits, healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc., can be included in your daily diet.
You may also consume sugar substitutes like sucralose in an extremely limited amount. Unsweetened fresh fruits juices and sweets that are sweetened with fresh fruit juice are also allowed to be consumed. Unsweetened jellies and gelatin is also permitted.
As far as the beverages are concerned, a person may consume unsweetened coffee, milk, tea and hot chocolate. Drinking a lot of water is also emphasized by the creator of the no flour no sugar diet.
Some of the best foods that you may consume include, lentils, peas, beans, brown rice, quinoa, popcorn, oats, barley, polenta, etc. All in all, the dieter may consume all the foods that don't have the foods that are mentioned in the lists given.
The meal distribution should be done in five to six small meals a day with at least eight glasses of plain water. You may also need to check the weight on a weekly basis and keep a track of the weight loss effects.

Sugar to Avoid

Check out the given list of foods that you may need to exclude from your diet, if you want to follow the no flour no sugar diet for weight loss.
✦Cane sugar
✦ Beet sugar
✦ Brownies
✦ Cakes
✦ Candy
✦ Chocolate
✦ Cookies
✦ Corn syrup
✦ Glucose
✦ Granola bars
✦ Honey
✦ Ice cream
✦ Jams
✦ Jellies
✦ Maple syrup
✦ Molasses
✦ Specialty coffees
✦ Sucrose
✦ Sweetened cereals
✦ Table sugar

Flour to Avoid

Similar to the earlier list, here is a list of the foods that contain flour. Avoid these foods if you want to follow the no flour no sugar diet plan for weight loss.
✦ Bagels
✦ Cakes
✦ Cereals
✦ Cookies
✦ Corn flour
✦ Corn cereals
✦ Crackers
✦ Croissants
✦ Dinner rolls
✦ Donuts
✦ English muffins
✦ Fried food
✦ Lasagna
✦ Pasta
✦ Pizza
✦ Pretzels
✦ Rice flour
✦ Rice noodles
✦ Rice cereals
✦ Sandwich rolls
✦ Tortillas
✦ Wheat bread
✦ White bread
✦ White rice

No Flour No Sugar Diet Reviews

This diet plan has advantages and disadvantages of its own. The biggest advantage of this weight loss diet is that it is ideal for the people who are suffering with various food allergies, diabetes and blood sugar fluctuations. Another thing which works in your favor is that you don't need to count the calories while on this diet.
Just controlling the serving size and consuming smaller meals will do the job for you. As the creator of this diet suggests, the diet definitely eliminates all the empty calories from your regular diet, that otherwise sneaked in without your notice.
Having said that, there are a few disadvantages of the no flour no sugar diet. First of them all, is that this diet is extremely restrictive. The person who is on this diet, has to learn about all the ingredients in each and every food product that he/she is eating; which is practically impossible.
The biggest thing that disheartens the followers of this diet is that it doesn't have an official website with proper consumer support, groups and forums that are a must for the discussion on personal experiences and queries. As a result, most of the people seek for a better weight loss option that serve all of their needs, beforehand.
The weekly monitoring and maintaining a journal of the weight loss results; is also found pretty demanding by many people who followed the no flour no sugar weight loss diet. According to a few experts and dieters, this weight loss diet lacks the scientific evidence; which mostly attracts many dieters.
All in all, one can say that there are mixed reviews on the no flour no sugar diet and following this diet plan, would be entirely the personal choice of every individual.
Also, keep in mind that all the information provided here is for the educational purpose only. In case you want to follow this weight loss diet, then it's suggested you consult a health care provider first.